Year Round Housing

Hello everybody! This is a weird and tough situation, and I am kind of stuck. I am finishing my last week at Miami University in Oxford, OH. I will be taking a gap next semester, and will be transferring to OSU in the fall. During the gap semester, I planned on working my full-time job in Cleveland, OH, paying $15.50/hour full time.

I came out to my parents as gay a little while ago. I also had a bunch of medical issues (migraines) but they think that I am hiding something due to the high bills (I’m not) and I have some other illness (I don’t) and they cant trust me. Lastly, they found out I drink alcohol in school (I’m 19 and a sophomore).

My parents are not letting me come home again.

I have friends in Cleveland and Columbus allowing me to temporarily stay with them. But in the long term, I am stuck.

Should I try and get a job in Columbus, move there, and just go to OSU from there? Or should I get a 6 month apt lease in Cleveland? Most importantly, what does this mean for break housing? I’d have to live on campus (and I want to do so) at OSU.

Mostly, how should I approach housing both during and not during the semester? I appreciate any advice you can give.

For reference, I currently bring home $2,200/month in Cleveland, and I have about $2,000 in liquid assets, $13,000 in mutual funds. College costs $12,000/semester.

Thanks for any help you guys can provide!