Yearbook / Journalism as english credits?

Hello! I’m a senior applying to 7 colleges and I have taken yearbook since sophomore year but it wasn’t until second semester of junior year where they actually considered yearbook as english credits. They called the class “Yearbook / Journalism”. I have taken Pre-AP English 9, Pre-AP World Lit and Comp, and AP Lang and Comp which is considered 3 years plus that yearbook credit which makes 3 1/2 years of english. I was wondering if there was a website or source that I could use to see what colleges would take this class as english credit since most of the schools I would like to go to say I need 4 years of english but don’t specify what classes classify as english credit. Thanks!

Which schools are you targeting? Check on each schools website if they define their English requirements.

Here is an example of the California UC’s requirements for English courses. At least for the UC’s, Yearbook and Journalism and not considered approved English courses.

All courses meeting the English (B) subject requirement will address the following criteria:

Reading - Require extensive reading of a variety of genres, non-literary as well as literary, including informational texts, classical and contemporary prose and poetry, and literary fiction and non-fiction.
Excerpts from longer works are acceptable, but reading will include some full-length works.
Writing - Require substantial, recurrent practice in writing extensive, structured papers directed at various audiences and responding to a variety of rhetorical tasks using evidence taken from complex written sources.
Assignments and activities will support understanding of rhetorical, grammatical, and syntactical patterns, forms, and structures by asking students to respond to texts of varying lengths in unassisted writing assignments.
Assignments reflect the idea that writing is a recursive process involving invention, drafting, revision, and editing.
Courses will address basic issues of standard written English, including style, cohesion, and accuracy.
Project-based English courses are acceptable, but must include substantial writing assignments for a variety of purposes and audiences.
Listening and Speaking - Incorporate assignments and activities that allow students to develop essential critical listening skills and provide them ample practice speaking in large and small groups.

I was targeting schools in the California area such as the UC schools and USC but my safety schools are University of Denver, CU Denver, and CU Boulder. I was more concerned with the schools in colorado.

3 1/2 < 4. More importantly, would you have the English credits to graduate, since 4 credits is an almost universal HS requirement.

All require 4 years on English.

In general, where these classes are housed in the English dept, the HS counts them as electives for graduation requirement purposes. I would play it safe and assume that yearbook will not not satisfy their recommendations.

At D’s HS, students were told that yearbook/journalism, while in the english department, would not fulfill the 4 year english requirement and was considered an elective.

It’s an elective. You need a full year English class, Honors English or AP English Lit for instance.