Yes, I realize how pathetic this is...

<p>My head understands that these threads are meaningless, but it refuses to act logically at the moment. </p>


<p>SAT I: 770 (CR), 780 (W), 670 (M)- 1440/2220
SAT II: 720 (USH) 700 (Lit)
GPA W: 4.34
GPA UW: 3.87
Rank: 7/690
Courseload: Most rigorous possible/IB full diploma candidate</p>


<p>State: CA
School: Average public
Ethnicity: African-American
Gender: Male
Income: 115,000/yr</p>

<p>ECs/Community Service</p>

<p>Varsity Track-MVP, various medals/awards at invitationals, league champion, ect.
Varsity Basketball
Mock Trial-Honor Court Member
ASB Comissioner
FNL Mentor
Student Tutor
Black Student Union</p>

<p>Work Experience</p>

<p>Youth Basketball Coach</p>


Cornell ILR
UC Berkeley
UC San Diego
UC Irvine (ELC acceptance)
UC Santa Cruz</p>

<p>Chances? Thanks!</p>

<p>Columbia - high reach
Brown - reach
Cornell ILR - reach
Wesleyan - high match
Occidental - match
UCLA - high match
UC Berkeley - high match
UC San Diego - match
UC Irvine (ELC acceptance) - safety
UC Santa Cruz - safety</p>

<p>I know what you mean. People here have no idea whether or not you'll get in, but my mind likes to prepare itself for the admission decision ahead of time. Chance me back?</p>

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