Yeshiva University??

<p>It is ranked on the best national universities list but I have never heard anybody mention it.....</p>

<p>Please post either a question or an opinion, or else this will be the only response you'll most likely get.</p>

<p>I am asking if anyone knows about Yeshiva University or thinks that it deserves to be in the top 50 colleges in US News' rankings</p>

<p>Yeshiva University is an orthodox Jewish univeristy. Sorta self-selective.</p>

<p>I think it would likely be ranked higher if it wasn't for the self-selectivity. (same is true of several of the women's colleges).</p>

@mini but they aren’t interested in getting higher in the rankings. They have a specific group of kids (centre orthodox) who are interested in a good Jewish and secular education. They don’t want kids who aren’t in that community and kids who aren’t in that community wouldn’t want to go. They run a lot of recruiting events through their model un, debate , sports etc. tournaments so if you are in the community at all you’ve heard of it. If you go to one of their feeder schools you’ve heard about it a lot (I’ve probably sat through about four hours in my junior year alone about how I should go). My guidance department has a poster from them hanging on their wall.

I don’t think it really matters a ton where Yeshiva U falls in the undergrad university rankings. Its undergrad school attracts a specific group of students (many of whom would have a hard time going to college elsewhere) and the school does not seem to be looking to expand outside of that group.

On the grad school level it is a different story and the school attracts a much wider group of students so rankings would be more important.