YESS program!!!!

<p>Is this program in any way prestigious to the ivies or other top tier universities? Any past YESS-ers willing to give experiences and an overview of the whole program? Also, if we get accepted, must we attend? Say if something happened causing you to be unable to attend...such as getting accepted into a different program!</p>

<p>The website also says you must be on your way to complete Calculus during high school. I can't. Im in the IB program, so I naturally have to take their math route. Which is geometry->algebra 2-> precal-> IB Math SL. So am I not eligible because of IB's math route? Or is this in a way acceptable to YESS?</p>

<p>Thanks ~~</p>

<p>What is the website for 2012?</p>

<p>is there even gonna b a 2012 program?</p>

<p>yeah im wondering the same thing!</p>

<p>The website looks abandoned. If you consider that the past deadline was in late Februaury and that doesn't leave much time for the application process even if they started today. Caltech hosted the LEAD program on campus this summer instead of YESS.</p>

<p>The LEAD program has no official information website for caltech...i figured it was discontinued. Unless there is a website but I can't find it, but I doubt there is one.</p>

<p>YESS did not happen last summer (I was watching the website to see if it would). It does not appear to be active this year, either.</p>

<p>Aw, that program would've been awesome! Too bad.</p>