<p>Just got my acceptance in the mail!!!! sooooooooooooo happy :D. I live right outside of philly in nj btw for anyone wonderiing</p>

<p>I got my acceptance tooo!!!! I live 5 minutes away from Swat.</p>

<p>zoe!!!! i got in too!!!!</p>

<p>Congratulations everyone! That's great news. Today's mail already arrived here and there wasn't any letter, but I live farther away (Massachusetts). Hopefully tomorrow afternoon...</p>

<p>AHHHH! I live in Florida, and now I am freaking out.</p>

<p>If I may, how large would you characterize the letter? Will this be a situation where I can recognize whether I got in before I open the mail?</p>

<p>Just got my acceptance!!!!! And the other kid from my school who applied got in too! Yay. :] (Philly inner-city public school, in case anyone was wondering.)</p>

<p>Oh man, the boards being down have been driving me crazy.</p>

<p>My envelope was the normal 6 x 9 Swat envelope, with the letter and a bunch of financial aid papers - it was fairly thick because of the aid stuff, so I assumed that the news was good.</p>

<p>Oh gosh, guys. Go class of 2011!!! <3 <3 <3 Can't wait until the Swat Class of 2011 forum's up. It's being weird right now, haha.</p>

<p>yeah it was def thicker because of financial aid papers...oh i cant want for next year :)</p>

<p>congrats from california!</p>

<p>do you guys know when they were mailed?</p>

<p>It would make sense if they were mailed on Tuesday, since I doubt that even in PA these would all get delivered the same day- and the USPS website says it should take two days for a letter from Swarthmore to reach me... yes, I'm a little obsessed.</p>

<p>They were mailed yesterday, the 12th. at least that is when the letter is dated</p>

<p>oh no! i'm not gonna get them till the 15th :(</p>

Since I'm secretly not an international (US passport), looks like I'll be getting my letter on the 22nd or so : (</p>

<p>Congratulations to everybody!!!! Seriously, I am a teensy bit jealous but mostly super happy for all of you future swatties :)</p>

<p>Congratulations to all from the parent of an '07!</p>

<p>Congratulations to all those who got in E.D. I remember the excitement our D. felt when hearing the good news! No more applications over winter break for you!! whoo hoo!!!</p>

<p>Just got my letter- I'm in!!!
Biggest mood swing of my life- I got home from doing horribly on a math final and found out that it doesn't matter anymore.</p>

<p>did anyone on long island get a letter?</p>

<p>Just to let you know that my son is in- just got the letter. We live in VERY rural western Mass. so it was a surprise to get it today. Good luck to all!</p>

<p>I'M IN.
<em>giant sigh of relief</em></p>

<p>me too!</p>

<p>see you guys @ swatforum :)</p>