yet another ED chances

<p>I posted this in the general chances section. But you guys seem to know more about Columbia specifically. I'm also applying to Chicago EA. I just want to know where I stand since all I hear is horror stories of 1600/4.0/Valedictorian/Presidents getting rejected. </p>

<p>I know it's long but I tried to make it easy to follow.</p>

<p>SAT: 1540 800v, 740m
SAT2: 800, 770,770
APs: 5s on 5 of em (2 independent study)
GPA: ~4.1
Rank: top 3-5% of ~215
High School: Crappy. Maxed out all subject areas except language, school letting me take a class at community college for HS credit (first time ever)</p>

Founder/Prez-Amnesty International
Team Captain-Academic League
Section Editor-Yearbook
Some other stuff</p>

<p>Other activities:
2 college classes during the summer (As for both, 6 credits)
Non-credit writing class at Columbia (part of Academic Year Program which I think they got rid of)
Another college class but at the HS in the morning (A, 3 credits)</p>

The "usual" Commended, AP Scholar, Book Award, FBLA awards, poetry award, Honor Roll</p>

<p>Recs: best-in-career, another good one, good one from college prof
Essay: Hopefully slightly above average once I get around to writing it!</p>

<p>woah we're SO SIMILAR that its a bit scary
haha i'd say that we have pretty good chances :-)</p>

<p>(and i'm looking forward to the amnesty chapter in columbia, it's supposed to be very active, nice to hear about another pres)</p>

<p>lol here's to big fat envelopes for the both of us! and yeah, I heard about the amnesty chapter being active too. I'm actually trying to get my group to sit in on one of their meetings.</p>

<p>where are you from? because my chapter attended a nyc cluster meeting that took place at columbia last friday! it was really interesting and i got to meet the president of the columbia chapter! ah. great speakers though.
ofcourse this isnt our reason for being active, but amnesty looks very nice on a columbia app haha - as something to offer the university.
i'm all for those big fat envelopes and huge fed ex trucks for us. the whole deal.</p>

<p>pretty good chances ED</p>

<p>are you guys applying to SEAS or the college?</p>

<p>i'm applying college</p>

<p>posting my stats here to show similarities...
SAT: 1590 800v, 790m
SAT2: 800, 780,750
APs: 5s on 6 of em (0 independent study)
GPA: ~3.9
Rank: top 10% of ~350
High School: Amazing. but still maxed out many subject areas, never taken college classes for credit</p>

EIC-Literary Magazine
Prez-Amnesty International
Team Captain-Mathletes
Pres - We The People constitution team
indian american society co-pres
Some other stuff</p>

<p>Other activities:
Non-credit science classes at Columbia (part of Science Honors Program which I still attend)
some other thing</p>

The "usual" Semifinalist, AP Scholar, Mathletes awards, poetry award, Honor Roll</p>

<p>Recs: best-in-career, & another best-in-career
Essay: i've gotten good reviews</p>

<p>Yeah, I'm applying to the college.
contessa we are amazingly similar! I'm from New Jersey btw. How were the Amnesty members at the meeting you went to? And how many people from your chapter went?</p>

<p>hmm long island here. equidistant from columbia :-)
Amnesty members were pretty cool! but then all amnesty members everywhere are really cool so maybe what set them apart would be... they were very informed about the international political situation, as you would expect. they were also i think the epitome of a columbia student (if such things can be said) - proactive, passionate, intelligent, urbane, well spoken, nice but not assertively friendly, sensible, and extremely well-dressed in a scarf skirt kinda way. it was fun. </p>

<p>btw i'm also a scorpio... the similarities never end</p>