Yet another kitchen thread - ovens

<p>Does anybody have experience with a trivection oven like the GE Advantium, or any other of the combo microwave + regular/convection ovens? (Speed-cook models? I don't have a good grasp on the terminology yet.)</p>

<p>We don't really need two full wall ovens plus a microwave. I'm intrigued by the (new to me) idea that we could have one regular oven and one that wears two hats, as it were, and I'd love to hear from anyone who actually has cooked with one.</p>

<p>I do not have any experience with these models, but here is something that would prevent me from replacing my dual wall oven and freestanding MW with the “two-hat” product. Location, location, location! Our wall oven is located in the far end of the kitchen, and it would be impractical to place a heavily used appliance, such as a MW, in that corner. We keep our MW on the counter closer to the dining table.</p>

<p>I have an oven with my flattop stove and a built-in combination microwave/regular wall set. My kitchen is L-shaped with dishwasher/sink on one side, small counter, stove/oven angled at the corner, longish counter, wall ovens, and refrigerator on other side. Big island in middle, left out the small island sink (even though is was in the plan, but back ordered). When it arrived, I didn’t want it anymore. I like to use the whole island when I entertain.</p>

<p>I use my 2 ovens on the weekends a lot because I cook more then. I can’t speak to the convection system because I don’t have it.</p>

<p>Aargh- just lost my post to you.</p>

<p>Brought Sharp 900 watt microwave convection oven with us and “inherited” a GE Profile double oven stove and over the range Avantium 1300 watt microwave convection oven with this house. Left a countertop 1100 watt microwave oven behind. </p>

<p>Having 2 microwave ovens for two adults is great. We also brought the 30 year old toaster oven- great for reheating rolls, doing garlic toast without a preheat time.</p>

<p>Sharp- lower wattage microwave not good for crisping Indian papads. Like the digital timer can adjust to the nearest second. easy controls. metal turntable- don’t need to switch out for cooking type. counter height is nice. Love the Pizza function- just push it and a couple more choices to get perfect pizza- only complaint is not knowing the temperature. Love that it shuts off when done (fan keeps going to cool the oven). Like the minute plus button. Great for TV dinners. Great for baking frozen pies. Just follow directions for time/temp.</p>

<p>Avantium. like the wattage, haven’t needed the convection part yet (would need to switch out the glass turntable and it is over the stove). Dislike the controls- dial can’t do seconds like with digital and need to dial a lot just to get regular microwave. Does have a great 30 second button can push several times though. Papads turn out great (did fine in 1100 watt microwave as well). If I needed to I would get to know it better. </p>

<p>GE Profile ovens- main oven uses the convection fan to preheat even for regular baking, saves preheat time. Love the stovetop multiple size burner as well. Left a 10 year old GE coil stove behind.</p>

<p>We put the countertop oven in the corner (backside corners touching two walls) to the left of the stove- easy to open and near cupboard with spices for both.</p>

<p>Empty nesters who don’t grill or cook in the oven much. Like a free standing electric stove. Like the 3 sized burner and GE quality. Not cooking that much any more- can’t believe the then 75+/- year old previous owner bought these about 6 years ago but appreciate them and it was one less thing to update when we bought the house last spring (redid counters, cabinets, walls, ceiling, floors, baths…- kept layout).</p>

<p>We have a double oven with convection and microwave. Since we cook a great deal for a large family , I find myself using the two ovens simultaneously and still need another microwave to reheat, etc. while I am cooking. I do use the convection setting a great deal - I love it! Hardly ever use the microwave in the wall oven.</p>

<p>We’re in the midst of replacing all our kitchen appliances. I think we are going with the GE Advantium with the GE Profile single oven below it. Right now we have a single oven and a microwave combo built in. I really want a double oven but that would leave us without a microwave. I don’t like the look of a countertop microwave and putting one over the cooktop doesn’t work out well because it would be a little too high for me and would also require modification to the cabinetry that we don’t want to get into. So I think the Advantium will serve our purpose well - gives me the ability to have a second oven for those times it would be really handy to have a second oven (cooking the potatoes while the Easter ham is in the oven, etc). But I don’t need 2 ovens very often so the microwave feature will be used the most. We’re probably a month off of putting these in, so I’ll let you know how it works out if you are still in the planning stages at that point.</p>

<p>One thing I regret with my GE Micro/convection single built in wall oven: the door opens like an oven door (pull down flat), not like microwave door that swings to the side. (The oven is chest high in the wall)
Two reasons:
1- it’s quite deep and is difficult for me to reach the back of the oven to clean with the
oven door flat open and
2 - I quickly learned (the hard way) reaching into the hot oven, I had to keep my arms
up, because I burned the undersides of my arms/elbows reaching in to get a hot


<p>I have the KitchenAid combo microwave/convection oven. It’s mounted over the wall oven but isn’t one unit, so the if one control goes out I don’t lose both until repair is made. I had to select it in a rush because our remodel was flood repair due to a broken pipe. I thought it was a true “speed oven” where you can convect cook and microwave at the same time. Nope. One or the other. We’ve only used the convection feature a few times, it’s pretty much an overpriced microwave for us (but I do love the look).
I love the look of the drop-down door, and I’m tall enough that it’s not a hazard, but I have spilled food on it many times. You have to wipe up the spill or it runs down the door and into the hinge area which is harder to clean.</p>

<p>I’m seriously looking at this combo:
[KitchenAid®:</a> Welcome to](<a href=“]KitchenAid®:”></p>

<p>Yeah, way overpriced for a microwave – but we’re short on space and I really miss a double oven as more & more extended family events end up here. A friend has the earlier KA model of this and really likes the steam-assist feature. It does need a plumbing tie-in, so may not work in all kitchen layouts. Luckily, we already have a water line there, so there won’t be a huge extra plumping expense. </p>

<p>gosmom, thanks for the head’s up! Didn’t even think about the pull-down vs. side-open door and right now the microwave sits quite high above the single oven. But since all the controls are on top of the combo unit, I did some measuring and it should be fine.</p>

<p>Thanks, everybody. These are all helpful thoughts. Please keep them coming!</p>

<p>dragonmom, that’s the one thing our contractor warned us about - the possibility of both being unusable if one goes out. </p>

<p>aMacMom, yeah, the plumbing tie-in might be a problem for us, though we may still be early enough in the process to make that happen. How long has your friend had her similar model?</p>

<p>HMW, they’ve had it a couple of years. They both enjoy cooking and are fairly demanding when it comes to appliances, so I trust their opinion.</p>

<p>I remember wanting one when they were new (whole roast chicken in 4 minutes was the come-on, IIRC) but it was at the time thousands of dollars more than a regular double oven. You might try asking on chowhound (the home cooking forum) to see if people like using it.</p>

<p>It’s very nice to have the double oven + microwave for the big multi-course holidays (Thanksgiving, Passover seder).</p>

<p>First, may I say that I’ve gleaned so much useful info on CC that it’s a nice feeling when I run across a question I can answer. : ) </p>

<p>We had a GE Advantium in a previous home. It was a 120 volt model, like the PSA1201. This was a few years back, so I don’t recall the model #. I found it to be very disappointing. We didn’t know back then that there was a higher powered model available and found that what we got was an underpowered microwave with the added feature of a souped up toaster oven. </p>

<p>IMHO, the Advantium is only worthwhile if you can get the 240 volt version, such as the PSA2201 or PSB2201. The 120 volt models don’t have sufficient power to provide the results touted in most of the marketing materials. Also, the “speedcook” (microwave setting) is only 925 watts in the 120 volt models while it’s 975 watts in the 240 volt versions. </p>

<p>These days it’s possible to buy a 1200+ watt counter top microwave that’s 1.6 cu.ft. or larger for under $150. I have a built-in Wolf microwave in our current home and I often use the cheaper counter top microwave in our pantry instead because it’s faster and I’m less concerned about steam causing shortening its lifespan.</p>

<p>Thanks, everybody. I would really rather have another cabinet than a dedicated microwave, I think, and the location isn’t a factor.</p>

<p>I spent an hour or so with a smart, non-hard-sell appliance guy yesterday. Looks as if both the Miele and the Advantium could do what I need, and both are entirely separate units from the standard oven. I’m intrigued by the steam-assist options, but not entirely convinced. I’m not an early adopter when it comes to kitchen appliances, I guess.</p>

<p>Would still love to hear from anybody who has experience, pro and con, with any of these.</p>

<p>ETA: We’re also wrestling with the question of whether two dishwashers makes sense. Any thoughts on that? We’re down to a family of three most of the year, and we don’t often do big dinner parties. But when the grown ones are home the dishwasher sure fills up fast and often.</p>

<p>IMO, I wouldn’t bother with two DWs if the only reason is for the occasional need to run the one DW twice or even thrice in one day.</p>

<p>I thought you had 2 dishwashers because you were keeping the kitchen very very kosher!</p>

<p>I would absolutely love a second wall mount oven. But, I also want a separate microwave. I love my Jenn Air convection wall mount. Actually love both convection and wall mount features. But, there have been so many times I could have used a second oven. And for a quick reheat I want a microwave that isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg to replace when it breaks.</p>

<p>Okay, so suppose that in order to have the second dishwasher, you’d have to shift from a symmetrical island to one with a little bumpout.</p>

<p>Would it still seem worthwhile?</p>

<p>(Thinking about this too much, but it’s better than a lot of the other things I could be thinking about right now.)</p>