Yet another laptop thread...

<p>I'm thinking about getting either a 14" iBook or a 15" PowerBook. I'm leaning more towards an iBook because of the price and value, but I need my laptop to last me four years, and I'm wondering if it's worth dishing out an extra $500 for the PowerBook. Here are my options:</p>

<p>14" iBook: $1628.00
768 MB RAM
80 GB Hard drive</p>

<p>15" PowerBook: $2148.00
512 MB RAM
80 GB Hard drive</p>

<p>Both include pre-installed iWork. Also, since my vision is really bad, I need a bigger monitor, so a 12" is not really an option for me. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!</p>

<p>Suggestion: 17" Powerbook :)
Alternate Suggestion: ThinkPad</p>

<p>Definitely, always go with the larger screen, it makes a world of difference - and is worth it for how much you are going to use this computer unless you plan on replacing your eyes anyway in the next 4 years.</p>

<p>The 15" is definitely more than enough for my needs, and I think the 17" is kind of out of my budget. = /</p>

<p>help? :( Anyone have advice on which to get?</p>

<p>Going just by the specs you've listed for the two in the first post, I'd go with the 14". It's less expensive and it's got more RAM in it, so you can do more things at once. Also, from what I've heard, iBooks' cases are more durable than those of Powerbooks (polycarbonate instead of aluminum).</p>

<p>IMHO, RAM is cheap, and I'm sure the Powerbooks do all the little things better. I'm not sure why price should factor into the decision. The computer is important enough that it makes sense to get a fast one (I'd say, not the top of the line but near the top of the line). 600 bucks is nothing on the price of tuition. So if you'd rather have the iBook, because its smaller and maybe more durable then go for it - and same some money besides. Otherwise..</p>

<p>I'd suggest go with iBook. It will work, and work well. In 2-3 years we'll have Intel based macs and all the software and stuff will be ported. IMO it's not too wise to invest in an expensive powerbook now which might get outdated soon. [just an opinion].</p>

<p>Oh I didnt see you need a bigger monitor. In that case fiddle with both and decide which one's better.. if you like 15" one more, it's already a better comp anyway ;) But yeah keep in mind you will be throwing yourself to Apple.. you have to get all their hardware, software, support, accessories etc.. even if they continue supporting G4 Powerbooks 3 yrs from now (ofcourse they will), I believe all the stuff will come at a premium price. So consider that too.</p>

<p>That's a fallacy, it will take 6 years before 50% of all macs are intel based, and besides programs will run natively or almost natively for either processor. Intel Macs that were sent to developers were also Desktop Machines and not laptops. But if you're going to buy a new machine in 3 years anyway - and want it to be bleeding edge (not everything will neccessarily be ported, especially shareware and want not - although you can emulate) - then by all means get the cheaper one today.
My point wasn't that the ibook isn't alright though - it was that price shouldn't be the biggest consideration. And the difference between 14.1" and 15" is much more than it sounds.</p>

<p>EDIT: ^^ we posted at the same time</p>

<p>The transition really shouldn't matter much - it is intended to be as seamless as possible and there will be full support for PowerPC for as long as you need. I am planning on buying a MAC once they transition, though, so that I can dual boot windows.</p>

<p>Hmm I was bullied into settling for a Dell :-/
I think you might be right, Apple wont ignore existing users.

[quote] that I can dual boot windows.


That sounds cool! :D cant wait for that to happen.</p>

<p>They just discounted/upgraded the ibook line.</p>

<p>I ordered the 14" iBook, and since they had not shipped it yet, they upgraded it for me :)</p>

<p>skip the Mac -- pay less and get more flexibility, viability, and power from a standard PC. My friend in preparation just got an "Uber-laptop" which plays Half-Life 2 and World of Warcraft better than my desktop. And the price is basically the same as a standard Power-book.</p>