Yet another one.

<p>Let's just identify this right up front: I suck at standardized testing. I've never been good at it, no matter how hard I study, but I like to believe I'm more than numbers. We can all dream, can't we?</p>

<p>SAT I: V640/M600 (06/04), V670/M580 (10/04), taking 12/04 (let's break 1300!)
SAT II: (scores pending from 11/04; if not perfect Writing, at least 700s; 700s on Literature and 600s on Math IC)
GPA: 3.9 (9-12), 4.0 (10-12)
Rank: Not sure, but I know it's inaccurate because the system they use is ridiculous. I'm hovering around the 10% mark in a class of nearly 600.</p>

<p>Senior schedule:
AP Computer Science (technically it's A; AB isn't offered)
AP English Literature & Composition
Math Analysis
Spanish IV
AP American Government & Politics/Economy
Digital Photography IB (second semester only)</p>

<p>Previous APs:
European History, Chemisty (didn't pass, but got B's in the class), U.S. History, English Language, Psychology</p>

Literary magazine: Founder, editor (12), and yes, it's hard to start!
Make-A-Wish Club: Co-founder, Secretary (10), President (11, 12); we've raised over $8,000 for the Foundation, granting the wishes of two children in Orange County. Tons of volunteer work and hours.
Academic Decathlon: Scholastic student (unweighted GPA of 3.6/3.7) competing in fourth competition this Jan/Feb '05. Part of inaugural team, which has placed top 10 in our Division (from III to II to I in each succeeding year) every year.
Music: Have been engaging in private lessons in acoustic, flamenco, and electric guitar since 9th grade.
Computer programming & webdesign: Mostly a personal pursuit since 7th/8th grade, but I've been recognized for my work in Computer Applications, Digital Photography, and helped create and design our school's first website before the district took it into their own hands.</p>

Every summer for the past three summers, I've worked as a camp counselor at a performing and visual arts camp for kids. Roughly 4-5 weeks, 30-40 hours a week each summer. Our summers are incredibly short, so this makes up a fair chunk of my summer, but I enjoy it.</p>

Discovery Instute in Creative Writing at Stanford University as a Fiction major/Poetry minor (1 of 15 in this course combination)</p>

<p>Prospective major/minor:
English, with an emphasis on Creative Writing (depending on the school)
Depending on the school, I might be interested in a double-major in Linguistics
Hopefully a minor in Philosophy</p>

Stanford University (the program director and I really connected; he's writing a letter for me)
University of Chicago
University of Pennsylvania
Brown University (they're starting a new 'literary arts' concentration in Fall '06, so I'm hoping to bank in on this a bit)
Northwestern University
Amherst College
Williams College
College of William & Mary
Wellesley College
Swarthmore College</p>

<p>Recommendations: Strong
Essays: Strong</p>

<p>what? BUMP</p>

<p>Second page in less than 24hrs? I don't think so. Bizzump.</p>

<p>Here's just my 2 cents about your chances at:</p>

William & Mary...Good</p>

<p>I would add a few safeties. Again, just my humble opinion. Don't be discouraged. Good luck. :)</p>

<p>Yeah, I'm also applying to 5 other in-state schools that are good fits/safeties, but I desperately need to get out of California (though Stanford may prove to be an acception), but thanks!</p>