Yet another overnight question

<p>I'm doing an overnight at Smith next week. We've been trying to fill out the permission form thingy, but is asks for the name/email of the hostess. I have no idea who my hostess is. I completed my arrangements by phone and didn't get an email afterwards. Am I supposed to find out who my hostess is before I arrive on campus? Am I supposed to get an email about it?</p>

<p>if they do it the way they used to at open campus, you'll find out your hostess' name when you arrive at the check-in area. so maybe your parents can just sign it and you can fill in the rest when you arrive?</p>

<p>but you can't go wrong calling the admissions office to confirm this. they won't mind answering your question.</p>

<p>Most of the time, if the receptionist knows your e-mail address then your host should e-mail you sometime in the next few days.</p>

<p>Otherwise, it's okay to just fill it in when you get the the office of admission.</p>

<p>This, by the way, assumes that you are NOT coming for Open Campus.</p>

<p>For Open Campus, you don't know the name of your host before you arrive.</p>

<p>My daughter requested a host for Open Campus, so she could fill in that detail. Her classmate, however, whom I drove up to Smith as well for Open Campus, did not request and therefore could not fill in that information.</p>