yet another rescindment question....

<p>so, i'm wondering if colleges, specifically UCs, would rescind me for failing a "study skills" class, which is basically a study hall. it counts towards students' elective credits; if you get an A, you get 5, a B, 4, a C=3, F=0.</p>

<p>(.....yeah, i'm aware how dumb it seems to fail study hall, but its based on attendance and if i don't go, that's one hour less i have to be in school.)</p>

<p>UCs will seriously consider rescinding applications with any failing classes. It's not a matter of how much less important a certain class is, but how committed you are to actually finishing out classes you signed up for.</p>

<p>uh-oh.....does it matter that it's a mandatory class? technically i didn't sign up for it. everyone at my HS has to take it.
i've failed it before and listed the F on my UC application, and they took me anyway....just throwing that thought out there.....</p>

<p>Well, the biggest thing they look for is any kind of a substantial decline in academic performance. What school did you uapply to?</p>

<p>i want to go to UC santa cruz....</p>

<p>okay well you have to let them know otherwise they probably will rescind the offer. you failed it twice?</p>

<p>i've failed it junior year, so the F was listed on my application. i'm failing it now as well.
i think it's more of an elective class, so i'm not sure if they even considered the class in my UC GPA.</p>

<p>yeahh but just in case. maybe talk to your counselor?</p>