Yet another retake question

<p>Here are my results:</p>

800 CR
690 M
610 W</p>

<p>so I retook, but didn't really care about CR</p>

780 CR
800 M
720 W</p>

<p>I actually was 3 questions away from a 2400.</p>

<p>Now, bearing in mind I have a below average GPA, should I retake for a 2400 superscore/single sitting?</p>

<p>Is it even worth it, or is the improvement from 2320->2400 too marginal to even warrant 5 hours of my time, and might actually even hurt me?</p>

<p>Keep in mind I am applying to Harvard (for kicks), Columbia, UPenn, UChicago, etc.</p>

<p>Opinions? Thoughts? Derogatory comments?</p>

<p>I don't think it's worth it to retake. I don't know how "below average" your GPA is though. If it's well below average, most schools won't take you even with the 2400.</p>

<p>As far as I know most colleges are only trying out the writing section, and won't pay quite as much attention to it as the critical reading or math sections. You already have 1600 on those superscored, and your best writing score is above 700, so I think you're perfectly fine. Instead of retaking, spend your time on something more interesting, like volunteering or self-studying an AP or two.</p>

<p>3.5 in the hardest classes.</p>

<p>Thanks! those are both helpful opinions, each in either own way.</p>

<p>If you're really awesome somehow (interesting volunteer work, pop star, good fit for the school, amazing athlete, etc.) you might still have an good chance at a reach school. In any case it doesn't hurt to try.</p>