Yield Protection at T20s

Does anybody know if Georgetown, American, Duke, Cornell, GWU, and Dartmouth practice yield protection? I vaguely remember reading about it with American University, but I’m not sure about GTown, which is my favorite out of the ones I plan on applying to.

Look up their common data sets, section C7. Whether a college considers “level of applicant’s interest” is likely to be closely correlated to the answer to your question.

For a university to practice yield protection, it requires a significant number of “overqualified” applications. For the 3 undergraduate schools at GTown, it is impossible to be overqualified. For the College, there are many majors that is impossible to be overqualified ( Polly Sci, History, Languages, etc). For some of the areas that are not strengths a GTown, the numbers are not likely meaningful. Also, GTown’s historical application process limits a lot of applications. Note however this is different than being high stats and getting denied because you are unable to articulate why a Jesuit education is right for you.

Indeed, Georgetown says in its CDS that “level of applicant’s interest” is “not considered”.

But George Washington lists it as “considered”, and American lists it as “very important”.

Presumably, American does not want to be your last choice “safety” behind Georgetown and George Washington.