Yikes! Guys---what would you be thinking if you said this?

<p>So I just ended a three and a half hour instant messaging conversation with my crush who I assume likes me. Read more in Olivia313's Crush signals? </p>

<p>We were joking about us being twins and conjoined at the head and hip so when he said that he had to leave he wrote: alright well I will have a good sleep see you in bed shortly, as soon as you are done</p>

<p>Now I don't know if that see you in bed shortly part was supposed to make me tihnk "WHOA...how am I supposed to respond" or if I read too indepth into it, but to all the guys out there...what would you be thinking if you said this?</p>

<p>or this a few minutes later?
"yea I mean whatever you want to do, because you are on the right sideof the bed, and thats the hand we set the alarm with"</p>

<p>Am I just reading too much into his words?</p>

<p>He was prolly joking. I know if I was really close to someone, I would be joking too like that. Especially if I was just a little kid.</p>

<p>I think he was kidding, but it also kinda meant something. It seems as if hes trying to continue with the twins joke, but in a flirting kinda way.</p>

<p>It was just a really weird joke that doesn't really make sense. That's why I hate chat (surprised?). People are so different and unintelligible.</p>

<p>He was joking, but still implying that he likes you, or at least it sounds like that to me. Someone posted something like this in the other crush signals thread.</p>

<p>it could mean almost anything depending on the guy...he likes you, wants to hook up with you, or considers you like his best friend from birth that he could never hold more than platonic feelings for. you are prolly the best judge of which one. the only advice i could give is to joke w/ him and see what happens. Sometimes things happen when you don't try to make them happen...just roll with the punches and see how it goes :-)</p>

<p>good luck</p>

<p>haha i like how guys do that..flirt and girls go home and think about it
they dont tell the guy they're thinking about it, because that would be too nice
they dont return the favor either--that would also be too kind</p>

<p>if a guy refers to you and bed in the same sentence, i'd say he likes you.</p>