yikes my 1st ever chance me thread =S help me out and i'll love you forever XD

<p>Hey. I’m a rising senior, applying for class of 2014. This is the first chance me thing I’m doing. I’m a little scared haha not gonna lie but please don’t feel bad if you need to stomp all over my hopes and be brutally honest. Thanks =)</p>

<p>Asian girl, no legacy</p>

<p>GPA: 94%
SAT I: CR (710) MA (700) WR (710)
SAT II: USH (720) MathII (760)
Rank: school doesn’t rank but in top decile
Next year’s classes: 2 AP’s, the only 2 that are offered. Counsellor will definitely write the most rigorous available.
-I also took a course at a university close to where I live
-both teachers will write very good things I’m sure, I get along with them great and one of them like actually cares for me like a father =S
-almost on a first name basis with my counsellor</p>

Environmental club-president
Animal rights club-co founder
Peer tutor-grades 9-11, 5 hours a week
Certified lifeguard
Currently a swimming instructor
Danced hip pop competitively but just for a year, won a couple of festivals
Taekwondo – black belt (chyeah! no one believes me tho cuz I’m 5ft tall and I weigh 94lbs, lol)</p>

<p>More volunteer work:
Federal campaign – liberals
Provincial campaign – liberals
Volunteered at a senior home for 3 years
Volunteered at a local farm for 2 years and helped save it from real estate construction
Private tutor (2 years)
Taught piano (4 years)
Habitat for humanity (1 year)</p>

<p>Song writing – love it to death, and as corny as it sounds music is my life. Some songs are pretty decent, may send in as supplements
Piano (like my whole life)
Flute (4 years)
Started a music school in a community center. I was compelled to do this when I was working with a kid with autism and his love for music completely touched me and it broke my heart when his mom said she couldn’t find any music classes for him to attend because of his disability. The class was very successful for the first year it ran, lots of people who loved music came together, learned from each other, jammed, had fun, and we put together a performance for a Christmas fundraiser. </p>

<p>Fluent in Korean, Mandarin, English. </p>

<p>Duke of Edinburgh – silver
Several school subject awards and service awards, can’t remember all of them exactly right now</p>

<p>Taught English in China (3 weeks)
Volunteered at an orphanage in Ghana (2 weeks) living with a host family </p>

<p>Recreational activities (debating whether or not to include; there not any major achievements but they have taken up a lot of time and I do really love them –should i??)
Horseback riding – again recreational, didn’t compete or anything, 5 years
Yoga – 3 years, 2 hours a week

<p>Wel there you go and please chance me for…
*Yale (regular)
*Yale (EA)
*UPenn, not Wharton (RD)
*Upenn (ED)
*choosing between these two where to apply early
UC Berkeley

<p>Thank you, I really really appreciate this XD</p>

<p>HOLYcows... you're another one of them crazy-perfect-applicants...
lol, I'm prob not as 'experienced' as everyone else out there...
The only thing, I think, is your SAT scores?
I think you should defintely try get over 750 for all of the SAT 1 sections,
and try 800 for Subject tests?
If you could do that, I think you'll have just as much of a chance as any other applicant... considering all applicants to Ivies are perfect... sigh.
chance me back, please?</p>

<p>haha thanks! lol i know what u mean these applicants are like allll frickin perfection! they intimidate the hell out of me :( pfft, me one of them?...um, i completely disagree but thanks =D
yup i'll chance you now</p>

<p>I agree; you're only weaknesses seem to be your sat scores but those aren't even poor
*Yale (regular): mid reach (it is for everyone)
*Yale (EA): mid reach
*UPenn, not Wharton (RD): low reach
*Upenn (ED): vair low reach
*choosing between these two where to apply early
Cornell: low reach
Dartmouth: mid reach (place high emphasis on class rank)
UC Berkeley: match
Brown: mid reach
Duke: mid reach</p>

<p><a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/753268-will-chance-back.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/753268-will-chance-back.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>You should try to raise your SAT score for a lot/all of these schools.</p>

<p>*Yale (regular) - reach
*Yale (EA) - reach
*UPenn, not Wharton (RD) - reach
*Upenn (ED) - reach
*choosing between these two where to apply early
Cornell - low reach
Dartmouth - low reach
UC Berkeley - high match if CA resident; reach if OOS
Brown - low reach
Duke - low reach</p>

<p>thnx guys :)
anyone else?</p>


<p>I don't usually do chance because I don't believe in it.</p>

<p>94%, is that top 3-5%? If not, then between your GPA and SAT Is, you are not that competitive. My daughter had 4.1 GPA, with better SATs was turned down by Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and waitlisted at Cornell and Duke (got into both at the end). Ballet was her life. She danced at pre-professional/professional level. She didn't have as many ECs, but she was dancing all the time (summer included). </p>

<p>What may tip you over are your essays on your ECs. They may compensate for your otherwise lower stats. FYI - Dartmouth is more competitive than UPenn for admission. If you are amazing in music, you may have a chance at Yale, otherwise no. If you are determined to go to an Ivy, pick one that's easier to get into during ED, and that maybe UPenn. Princeton is interested in more performing art students, so you may want to consider it for RD.</p>

<p>A few ECs listed here are "parents paid" ECs (overseas volunteer work and teaching English), they are not valued as much. Starting a music school, volunteer at local farm...could be played up in essays.</p>

<p>thanks =)

<p>thanks sooo much.</p>

<p>ok for any future chancers, somethings that oldfort brought up
-we don't do the 4.0 thing where i come from, i never really know what ppl are talking about when they say this haha, and my school doesnt rank either so i'm not completely sure but i should be in the top 10% i think
-i will be retaking the sat I and i'll try to get it over 2200
-not sure if this makes a difference but i was mostly sponsored to go to ghana and it wasnt very expensive because i did a homestay as opposed to an organized trip</p>

anyone else?? i'll chance back asap!!</p>