York College of PA

Hello! Last week we attended Engineering Day at York College of PA and fell in love with the campus and really liked the professors we spoke to. He’s looking at the Civil Engineering program, which just became ABET Accredited, by the way. However, it’s almost impossible to find any information about the school - good or bad, so any insight would be very helpful.

The college isn’t on any “Top” schools lists, but what we’d really like to know is if it’s a good school and if employers would look at a Civil Engineering degree from there and hire a student from that program.


Paging @fendergirl who is a grad of York College of PA. She doesn’t post here that often anymore, but maybe she will see this.

It’s a nice smaller college with a great modest price.

Hey friend. Saw your page today. :wink: I just messaged @lillipop66.

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Thanks so much! I really appreciate your feedback and am so glad you had a good experience.