You all are probably extremely tired of these...

<p>I plan on applying to Barnard this fall, as well as Brown, Smith, two state universities and possibly Howard (all RD). I know Barnard and Brown are reaches for me, but Barnard is definatley my first choice college. I've already visited and done the interview and tour and I LOVE IT! I've been reading information on Barnard like crazy. I just have to get in first...</p>

<p>Background Info: I go to a very small all-girls college prep school, where I board five days out of the week. I spent ninth grade at a coed Catholic high school and my earlier schooling in the honors classes at a not so stellar public school. So, I decided to retake Algebra I and Spanish I when I started ninth grade. I'm from a major metropolitan area in the upper Midwest, I come from a regular blue collar family, and I'm African-American. I have a slight learning disability but it's not much of a deal. I don't really get any special academic guidance or anything because of it (just get to borrow a book on overcoming the disability) .</p>

<p>Numbers: GPA is around 3.4 UW on a 4.0 scale. I've taken two AP classes and will take two more this year, which is actually most of my school's AP classes. By the time I graduate I'll have had four years in the basic subjects, except for Social Studies (3 years) and 3 years of the arts. I have a 25 ACT + Writing composite and plan to retake it this fall. I'd rather not mention my SAT scores (hahaaa should've taken a prep course...or three). Hey, I'm trying to get my numbers up.</p>

<p>Recognitions: National Honor Society, local Rotary Club Scholar, Student of The Year at my school, Who's Who Among American HS Students, National Honor Roll, National Society of High School Scholars.</p>

<p>ECs: Young Democrats. I'm also into the arts, mostly writing. I started my own regional youth e-zine, with a grant from a philathropist organization in my area. It's like my part time job. I'm also the Editor of the school Literary Magazine and I've been taking dance for only a couple of years but I love it. Wish I could do it a bit more often :-/. I played the Clarinet for five years, but my current school doesn't have band (only ensembles that don't include Clarinets), plus it was time consuming and I wanted to take art. I'm also a big fan of cultural and diversity work. I belong to my school's Black Cultural organization ,the diversity club, and the diversity commitee for independant schools in my area. I got to attend a big student leadership and diversity conference that the National Association of Independant Schools has annually. It was absolutely amazing! I've done some volunteer work and hope to do my senior project on something urban planning related (dream career). I hope to major in Urban Studies (if anyone has info on Barnard's program feel free to PM me!).</p>

<p>Summer Activities: I've attended programs at local colleges including one for youth interested in business (really intense but fun), an engineering program (not a big science fan, however, it sounded interesting), and a visual and cultural communications program for gifted high school students in my state. I've also taken a bit of summer dance.</p>

<p>So time for everyone's favoite question around the boards: Do I have a chance at getting in?</p>

<p>re-nuh, I hope you understand that I am in no way qualified to really assess your chances for admission. I am just a mom with a kid at Barnard. I do believe that Barnard tends to look beyond numbers and your literary endeavors sound to me like something they would really love, particularly that you started the e-zine with a grant....shows not only talent but initiative. And Barnard is a wonderful place as well for dancers who aspire to dance at any and all levels. I do not imagine that you will have any difficulty writing eloquently about why Barnard is "The Place" for you on that application! </p>

<p>You sound like a talented and gifted young woman and I am sure you will be admitted into the school that is "perfect" for you!</p>

<p>Best to you...go for it! I hope to see you at Barnard soon!!!</p>

<p>I'm also a parent who can't tell you "chances", but I can tell from the backgrounds of many admitted students that Barnard really strives for diversity. (Myspace comes in handy -- you can search yourself for the Barnard2010 group there then scroll through the pictures and get a sense as to what this year's entering class looks like). </p>

<p>You can't get in if you don't apply, so I would encourage you to give it your best shot, but also be sure to apply to some colleges where your chances of admission are higher. Barnard is just so selective these days that no one can count on getting in.</p>

<p>I was in your position a year ago, so I know how you're feeling. Barnard was (and still is!) my absolute dream school. I can't wait to start there on Monday! </p>

<p>I think Barnard really wants a well rounded applicant; that doesn't necessarily mean have perfect test scores. Although I definitely think that retaking the ACT is a good idea. Just because Barnard, like many other colleges, is becoming increasingly selective. The average ACT score for the class of 2009 was 28 and the average for the class of 2010 is 30. Raising your score along with the rest of your stellar activities(especially the ezine, congrats!) will really make you shine super brightly. </p>

<p>You'll never know if you don't apply, so go for it! Good luck and have fun with your senior year. It goes by way too fast.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your feedback!</p>

<p>hey renuh! i have to start going to college interviews soon as well. I am just wondering what the interview was like and the types of questions asked. </p>

<p>I'd appreciate your help.</p>


<p>Hey Margaritaville! The Barnard interview was pretty laid back. Before you go in for the interview, they make you fill out an information sheet with all of your basic info, hobbies, etc. and the interview is basically a conversation that's based off of that. The interviewer may also ask you questions like "How would your friends describe you?" or "Tell me about your high school." The interviewers also love when you ask them questions, as with most schools!</p>