You are deciding between U of Chicago and ????

<p>I am curious. Also, please let me know how much financial aid comes into play. Thanks 2012'ers</p>

<p>Deciding between UofC and Emory, but leaning strongly to the Emory side.</p>

<p>UofC wants my family to shell out $8K/year, while Emory felt sorry enough for me to allow me to go for free...totally free...without</p>

<p>8k/yr is a bad reason to compromise a potentially superior academic offense.</p>

<p>Potentially superior? I don't think I want to roll the dice with $32K on the line when my Emory education is only potentially inferior to the UChicago one.</p>

<p>Oh yeah, Emory is ranked 8 spots lower on USNWR; forgot, that proves me wrong.</p>

<p>I didn't mean it at all rankings-wise. And I don't think I'll post if you're gonna get that defensive every time I write something. Why did you apply to Chicago in the first place? The schools are totally different so I have no idea what attracted you to one or the other. We both know that UChicago's undergrad is probably top 3 in terms of undergrad experience. As does the Princeton Review, a pretty unbiased source. 32k is peanuts compared to what other people are giving to attend this university. Chill out.</p>

<p>Haha alright Beefs, no beef between us.</p>

<p>Don't get me wrong - I love UChicago and think it's a wonderful university, but peanuts or not, $32K in exchange for grade deflation and lame weather isn't worth it to me.</p>

<p>Like I said, did you research the school before you applied? And I'm sorry but Atlanta isn't exactly the "hippest" city in America. Yes I've been there like 15 times.</p>

<p>I'll dart back to your second post and answer your question there...</p>

Why did you apply to Chicago in the first place?


<p>I was told I could make a lot of money as an ibanker after getting a Chicago econ degree.</p>

<p>That's not a great reason. You took the spot away from someone that probably really wanted to go the University. And yes, the fact is that Chicago is a major target school for i-banks, and Emory is not.</p>

<p>You win. I'll call you in a few months when I'm bashing my head against the wall regretting my decision.</p>

<p>lol kk. ill pm you my number.</p>


<p>U Chicago - 26K in grants (and I got a 10,000 merit scholarship with this...)
Brown - 33k
Johns Hopkins - 38K </p>

<p>I am visiting Brown soon and hopefully Johns Hopkins too.. JHU seems like a good place but I need good social support or I will crash.</p>

<p>Whoa I just thought of a weird conspiracy theory regarding combinations of FA and merit money. Though I won't say it or it'll make the FA office look worse.</p>

<p>Chicago is not really a major target for Ibanks, although it is much more so than Atlanta. </p>

<p>Chicago has a far superior academic experience to Emory, that is not debatable. However, the fact that you applied there to put yourself in the position to get into investment banking(I hope you are joking b/c that is the worst reason ever) means that you are probably a really poor fit for the school.</p>

<p>Deankoonz, I applied to Emory, and in my opinion, it is really not comparable to UChicago on an academic level. Chicago is FAR FAR superior in nearly every context- nobel prizes, distinguished faculty, research, better rankings in graduate business school, med school, and law school, more rhodes scholars, etc. While Emory certainly still is a reputable, U of C really is one of the top schools in the world. Ibanking at Emory is not a great option. Trust me, I've gone to the college tours/info sessions, and Emory LOVES to brag about its great pre-med program and its great business school. Well, fyi. the business school really isn't great at all; it's actually quite mediocre. Yes, it does rank in the top 5 in business week(yet wayy lower in usnews). Yes it does "attract" banks like Goldman, Lehman, and others to come "recruit" on campus. But, if you really dig deep into the information, There aren't many goizueta students who land good jobs at Goldman. I read somewhere that there were like 2 goldman offers a year at Goizueta, and I can assure you that those students were probably the best-of-the best at goizueta. In addition, Emory really doesn't have much of reputation beyond the south, and it doesn't have a heavy presence on Wall Street. UChicago, on the other hand, has the number 1 economics program in the world, and there is a HUGE presence at chicago ibanks (though NYC jobs may be pretty tough). All in all, I would just tell you to pick the school you like, bc. emory and U of C are very, very different. </p>

<p>stoneimmaculate- I agree. That is also one of the reasons why I did not choose Uchicago, because I felt that I wouldn't fit in with everyone else.</p>

<p>I'm not joking, and it's the worst reason ever, I agree. That's why I'm not going, after all. But riddle me this: I'm sure a relatively sizable percentage of applicants applied for, more or less, the same reason.</p>

<p>CNI - where are you going next year?</p>

<p>I too feel that I would stick out like a sore thumb at the UofC. I hate studying and doing homework...oops, did I really just type that?</p>

<p>Oh, and by the way, I'm not going to Emory for the business school anyhow. I've decided that ibanking isn't for me - I value life and fun. Plus it's a field dominated by exploitative right-wingers; definitely don't fit in there. I'm majoring in PoliSci.</p>

<p>Duke 10 chars</p>

<p>Good choice, so are all of my friends. (I live an hour from Duke)</p>

<p>Children, sorry to burst your bubble, but you haven't spent a day on a college campus. I have to go in next week for an exploratory meeting about my major-- and I'm a second year.</p>

<p>If Chicago doesn't ask you to declare a major until third year, knowing that your interests are highly subject to change, how can you as a high school senior be so sure about what you're studying and what you're going to do with it?</p>

<p>Anyway, I think this is a major diversion from the OP's intent. The OP is a family friend trying to advise a high school senior who has the good, but hard decision to make.</p>

<p>OP, let me help you out a bit by giving the colleges I would have applied to, as a high school senior, had I not decided on Chicago after my EA admittance. I'll also give them in order of how much I liked each. My criterion for each judging school is a bit goofy and tailored to me:</p>

--Johns Hopkins

<p>Had I actually applied to these schools, and considering my acceptance to Chicago, I think I could have been *optimistic *about acceptances from JHU, Northwestern, Tufts, and Cornell. (I'm super-hoping that we don't have another nagathon about how these schools are more difficult to get into than Chicago-- that's why I used the word "optimistic.")</p>

<p>If I were to do it all over again, knowing what I know now about my likes and dislikes in the college experience, my list would look very different, and would probably look like this. (Top to bottom in terms of my preference).</p>

-- Reed
-- Yale
-- Brown
-- Swarthmore
-- Oberlin</p>

<p>So if I could go for another four years of college after these ones are up, I would go to Carleton. I would still choose Chicago over Carleton, but I am kicking myself a little bit that I can only attend one college. On that list, I think I could have been optimistic about getting into Carleton, Reed, and Oberlin.</p>