You can't do it.

<p>How do you guys feel when someone tells you that you can't do something?</p>

<p>For me, I get angry and feel a sense of motivation. I'm a strong believer that actions speak louder than words, however not to say that I won't give the person an earful.</p>

<p>Ignore it.</p>

<p>I don't feel anything if someone says that. To feel something would imply that their opinion matters to me, and I would not want to mislead that person.</p>

<p>I honestly don't tend to pay any attention. I'm not going to let someone's (dis)belief in my abilities, or lack of, dictate how I approach or view something.</p>

<p>I motivate me.</p>

<p>yeah i dont say anything back i just prove em wrong :)</p>

<p>^I do that tooo :]</p>

<p>My dad claims this was one of his main sources of motivation in life. He came from a poor immigrant family and after slacking off a little was told in his sophomore year of high school he 'wasn't college material.' He worked hard until the end of high school, got into Georgetown, and went on to grad school at Stanford.</p>

<p>^^ something close to my situation too :p although I doubt with my grades i'd be anything close to georgetown material.
what can you say, haters = motivation</p>

<p>^ totally agree. i tend to slack off and be proud of myself when people compliment me, but when they say i can't do something i get really sad, then really mad, then go do something about it.
maybe i should have haters around me all the time so i'd be motivated all the time.</p>

<p>...nobody's ever told me anything like that.</p>

<p>I'll make them eat their words and be jealous.,</p>

<p>Prove them wrong :D</p>

<p>My dad frequently tells me that I am garbage and can never ever accomplish anything. His best entertainment is to destroy all the values that I have about myself. </p>

<p>It hurts. It is never as easy as what most of you claim "just to prove him wrong", especially in the ensuing few hours when his hateful words still hover over my head. If you were in my situation, you would never ever say that you could feel a sense of motivation. You would just want to leave.</p>

<p>it motivates me</p>

<p>^^ that's so sad...if i were in your situation, i'd want to leave too. try not to let his words get to you, though, you CAN do it. good luck.</p>

<p>Why overcome when you can wallow in self-pity.</p>

<p>Yeah I shouldn't wallow in self-pity. There are probably people who live in adverse situations that I can never imagine.</p>

<p>I always get this <em>you cannot</em> stuff from trumpet players..</p>

<p>me: "listen."
them: "umm ok"
me: <em>plays G scale 3 octaves</em>
them: <em>:O</em> "nice"
me: "I am going to play it for our band director"
them: "You could try that..but you will most likely, not get that top note out"
me: "Why would I not?"
them: "you just probably can't"
me: *scoffs, walks into band director's office and plays G scale 3 octaves with beautiful tone quality * :b </p>

<p>I could not help but smile as I walked out of his office :)
also, they were not in unison :b I just did not feel like dividing them into Trumpet1, Trumpet 2</p>

<p>I think why they'd say something like that.</p>

<p>I prove them wrong. Stupid SOBs :P</p>

<p>I laugh at said person's naivete and obvious lack of knowledge as to who I am.</p>