You can't make these things up: George Mason Renaming Scalia School of Law

“After a few days to take the new name out for a spin, what was the new Antonin Scalia School of Law’s acronym nickname shaping up to be? The Internet (read: Twitter) seemed most enthralled with these two options: #ASSol and #ASSLaw. Or #ASSoL at George Mason, for those who felt like going long.”

=)) =)) =)) =))

Good grief. My ribcage hurts from laughing so hard, I will not be able to fall asleep now!!!

They can rearrange those words all they want but the genie is out of the bottle!

What a tribute. =)) :-"

Can’t they make it College of Law?

Amusing, but not as funny to me as Boaty McBoatface! That one still makes me laugh a couple of weeks later.

Will their admission department take the holistic approach?

It’s “a holistic” approach.

Saw this in the WaPo yesterday afternoon. Have been LOLing ever since. Not sure that’s how Scalia would want to be honored! In retrospect, it seems so obvious… The donor was anonymous. I wonder if that person had thought of the acronym? :wink:

They are considering changing the name again.

" The Antonin Scalia Law School is a logical substitute," Dean Henry Butler wrote.“A combined $30 million gift financed by an anonymous donor and the Charles Koch Foundation prompted the change originally as the gift was contingent on naming the school after the late justice.”

This made my day! lol

I read $10 million was Koch Brother money.

I believe they have a 6 year law program. (3+3 program)
Great location near dc, the courthouse, and many law offices.

oh no! LOL. :))

Normally I’m highly entertained by this kind of this (because I’m pretty lowbrow and easily amused). However, the guy just died, So it doesn’t seem very funny to me, just disrespectful.

It is always important to check your acronyms…

@busdriver11 Except to many of us, he was a hateful, hateful man, so the acronym is not only funny but also ironic.

But to many people, he was a great man, and a dear friend of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. So I guess he must not have been that hateful.

It’s interesting that they were good friends, kind of like the Matalin-Carville pair.

What bothers me is that this is yet another Koch brothers’ manipulation. In that sense, it is aptly named!

I guess when you share the same political beliefs as the donor it’s just a grant, not a “manipulation”…