you give me georgetown chances, i give you cookie.

<p>white male champion of mediocrity
(potential human rights / ir / political science major)</p>

Composite 34
English 35
Math 34
Reading 30 (I got a 32 earlier)
Science 35
Writing 12</p>

World History: 750
American History: 740
Literature: 690
(retaking, hoping for huge improvement in US History)</p>

5 x 5 (World History, US History, European History, English Language, Human Geography); 3 x 1 (French Language) </p>

<p>Took 2 classes at community college during summer (A A)</p>

<p>Rank 35 / 955 (= top 4%)
“extremely-competitive-well-known-elitist-superiotycompexesque- public” </p>

<p>Year 1:
Honors English I A / B
Honors French II A / A
Honors Debate I A / A
AP Human Geography A / A
Honors Algebra A / B
Honors Biology B / A
Student Senate A / A
Classical Theatre A / A</p>

<p>Year 2:
Honors English II B / A
Honors French III A / A
Honors Debate II A / A
AP World History A / A
Honors Geometry B / B
Honors Algebra II B / B
Modern Chemistry A / A
Desktop Journalism A / A</p>

<p>Year 3:
AP English Language B / B
AP French Literature IV A / A
Honors Debate III A / A
AP US History A / A
AP European History A / A
Honors Pre-Calculus B / B
Honors Physics B / B </p>

<p>Senior Schedule:
AP English Literature IV
AP French Language V
Honors Debate IV
AP United States Gov’t
AP Comparative Gov’t
AP Psychology
AP Microeconomics
AP Statistics
AP Environmental Science</p>


- qualified to nfl nationals 5 times in 3 years; placed in various main/supplementary events (7th, 6th, 4th ((I would tell you more, but i like my privacy)))
- placed 4 times at state tournament including a state championship
- won a major national tournament several events.
- won 1st place 15+ local tournaments</p>

<p>debate captain 4 years
president of young democrats
president of french honor society
vice-president of njhs
representative to student body
founded a political periodical-y thing and supervise its publication/(limited) distribution
voted best leader by student body
placed in a random writing competition
summer leadership thingie
recommended/attended some elitist economics camp (shut up)
placed in top 5 / 700 competitors in state french competition in three separate events
invited to a french business symposium thingie
various volunteer work for local candidates
hater of capitalization</p>

<p>recs are good. essays should be good (hopefully).</p>

<p>heres the thing: i have a ridiculous amount of b’s. this will undoubtedly hurt me. what can i do?</p>

<p>sfs, by the way. rd.</p>

<p>Nothing wrong with a few B's here and there.</p>

<p>'ll never know for sure untill you get the letter.</p>