You guys aren't arrogant blowhards right?

<p>Yeah, I'm tired of hearing that all Princetonians are prissed-up, blue-blooded snobs with rich parents. I mean, having a sense of personal pride is great and all, but do you guys consider yourself superior? I'm pretty sure no one will admit this forthright, but judging from other people's perspective of you, do you think you're arrogant? I'm just curious...</p>

<p>I consider myself superior. I pop my collar, make fun of ugly people, don't eat at delis or diners, and look forward to joining The Cottage Club.</p>

<p>That's why I applied early.</p>

<p>I can't tell whether that was dry sarcasm or true... really, I can't.</p>

<p>I love elitism, too. Ah, "Princeton"...the name itself suggests royalty...</p>

<p>come on, really...</p>

<p>hahahahahahha this makes me laugh. hahahahhahahahahha</p>

<p>Why not Ivy, ilcapo?</p>

<p>A girl I know who is a freshman there said that some ppl are way too proud. However, she also said that they were in the minority.</p>


<p>You'll find proud people everywhere. At least at Princeton, they have a right to be :)</p>

<p>Well put! And true, to boot.</p>

<p>You need to be a bit proud/arrongant if you're going to succeed, especially in business. Look at Trump, if he had been such an *** he probably would not be anywhere near as successful as he is today.</p>