You guys make me feel so small, and i'm already 5' tall (yes, that rhymes) - REPLY!!

<p>I'm a female asian-american senior in high school, applying to 7 colleges (most importantly: Duke, MIT, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford), I am single and I like candelit dinners in the park. Okay, so scratch that last part... but still, I can't help but feel like i'm advertising for my ovaries. Anyway, let me know what you all think of the following resume, and my chances on getting into any of those places! The years are noted by the number (4= senior year, 1=freshman):</p>

<p>Park Scholarship High School Nominee (4)
Harvard Book Prize Award Nominee (3)
National Leadership Conference Nominee (3)
The National Society of High School Scholars Nominee (2)
NC School of Science and Mathematics Admission (2)
2003 SummerVentures Program (2) – Student Government; Yearbook Editor
US Achievement Academy International Foreign Language Award Recipient (1)
North Carolina Algebra II State Competition Team Member (1)</p>

<p>Key Club <a href="4,3,2,1">50+ hrs of community service per school year</a>
Vice President (4)
Advisory Board; Webpage Designer (3)
Advisory Board (2)
Freshman Class Representative (1)</p>

<p>German National Honor Society (4,3,2,1); Executive Board (2)
German Club (4,3,2,1) – President (3), Vice President (2)
Webmasters Club (4,3,2) – Vice President (3); Guidance Department Editor (2)
National Honor Society (4)
NC Raleigh Chinese Language School (12 Years)
Triangle-Area Chinese-American Society (TACAS)
Tai-Chi class (4)
International Festival Volunteer (3,1)
Asian Students Association (4,3,2) – Webpage Designer (4,3)
Student Council Homeroom Representative (2,1)</p>

<p>Caribou Coffee Company Employee (4)
NC State University Civil Engineering Intern (summer 2004)
German Teacher Assistant (4,3)</p>

<p>2001 Raleigh Music Club Scholarship Competition, 1st Place
2001 National Guild of Piano Teachers National Piano Auditions, 1st Place in State
Superior rating in the Cary-Apex Piano Teacher Association Theory Testing, Levels 1-5</p>

Math = 780
Verbal = 690 (le sigh!)</p>

i'm too ashamed to put it up, but i'm retaking it in December
pretty much guaranteed 700-800 range, or else i'll die at the wrath of my parental units</p>

<p>Classes right now:
AP Music Theory
AP Government and Politics
AP English
AP German
I take Applied Differential Equations II at the University</p>

<p>Class rank:
5 out of 519</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA: 3.9
Weighted GPA: 5.3</p>

<p>Thanks a ton!</p>

<p>haha fer some reason, ur humor reminds me of this girl... rachel yong <em>sigh</em>.. anywayz, ur application looks genius.. privates can be pretty wierd when accepting people.. i'm thinking all you need to do is write an awesome essay and you have an excellent chance at all of these. well if you have aim, hit me up (sn= bigredstylish) hmm, "I can't help but feel like i'm advertising for my ovaries" er... <em>cough</em> testosterone?? nevermind me... i'm new at this</p>

<p>Yeah, does she have straight black hair and brown eyes? Kind of yellow-y skin? I think I met her at the Anime convention!</p>

<p>Looks Very good. I can tell you are smart, since you used "nominee" for those that you might of not accepted, but were invited to. Also if your sense of humor that you use here is in your essay. You're in very good shape. YOur Verbal score on the SAT would hurt you at most of the schools, except MIT. If it can be raised into the 700s+ range, it would be excellent, or else just a good SAT II score ;)
You meet many of the basic standards:
Diversity (Asian Club)
Leadership (German NHS Executive Board)
Community Service (internship, teachers-aid)</p>

<p>haha you're too much</p>

<p>yes..i like your humor. my friend who got in to MIT last year sent me his essay that he put on his app and it was full of humor. so ...writing a good essay would help. (sorry i'm incoherent right now b/c i've gotten 4 hours of sleep in the last two days)</p>

<p>ah yes..and i forgot to add that you have incredible ECs so colleges can see that you're well-rounded as well as intelligent. I think you should get those SATiis done with! quick!</p>

<p>I don't know if it is humor so much as sarcasm and cynicism (which is odd, because i'm generally a happy-go-lucky person). Then again, I have so much to be bitter about due to my middle class life in the Bible Belt. Real hard life of mine.</p>

<p>If anyone even reads this post - what the heck does "bump" mean? You young folk and your gosh-darned online lingo. First it was 1337 numbers and now it's random verbs.</p>

<p>Okay, well ya'll (welcome to the South) sound like a nice bunch... I suppose with this whole online anonymity-thing, it's okay to embarass myself. This is the first time i've ever taken SAT2's, and I could not study for any of them (Taking all 3 again in December with extensive study plan - yes i'm OCD like that):</p>

<p>MathIIC: 700
Writing: 600
Chemistry: Let's just say it was horrible (hey, everyone's got their pride). I did not remember anything from sophomore year! </p>


<p>bump is to put your thread up on the top of the list so that ppl can see it better..since you're moved to the top of the list everytime you get a new comment, ppl post bump to "bump" themselves to the top. to succeed, one must bump! </p>

<p>gluck with your satiis!!</p>

<p>Thanks Thistlepanger!</p>

<p>And if any of you AVID readers out there know -</p>

<p>would it be wise to NOT send my sat2 scores to an early non-binding college? It is optional, and I already sent the one with only my sat2 scores. </p>

<p>Thanks for you reading!!!!!!!!!!!1111one</p>

<p>bump, my friends</p>

<p>What do you folks think of not participating in sports? Would that affect me?</p>

<p>you can't help it if you're not athletic... or if you have your priorities in different areas. i'm not allowed to play sports (busted my knee in 8th grade), so if they do hold that against people, i'd probably be very angry.</p>

<p>so, i dont think that being a nominee for that stuff counts as signiifacnt awards- sorry, this is what my counselors have said. so take that off and higlight the stuff you've WON. You are funny...those funn asians.</p>