You have 150 words. Take a risk.

<p>The title is one of Notre Dame's supplement essays. Can someone read my essay and tell me if it's risky enough? Or too risky? Or it could just be plain weird. I need to know if its okay! @___@</p>

<p>Pretty sure this is your chance to be weird. I want to read it by the way, I'm curious.</p>

<p>Thank you! Anyone else wanna read? You get to know some pretty strange things about me..</p>

<p>I eschewed this, thank God, in favor of 1, 3, and 5, which seemed to be a bit easier. But I'd love to read your response, as well!</p>

<p>Sure I'll read.</p>

<p>I'll read it :)</p>

<p>Hooray! Thank you!</p>

<p>"this is taking a risk" /end essay</p>

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<p>Did you get my response Katguo?</p>

<p>@thecollege1: Yup! I replied just a second ago. (: Thanks again!</p>

<p>@cneogy: I have considered that, but unfortunately I don't have the balls to do that. LOL</p>

<p>Hey if you still need some input, I'm here to help!</p>

<p>This sounds really interesting. I'll read it.</p>

<p>Thanks! I just sent it to you. (:</p>

<p>Id like to read as well plz</p>

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<p>I'm interested in how you've responded. I'm not applying to notre dame or have any questions like this. PM me.</p>

<p>I'll read it. Looks interesting</p>

<p>What if you say, I'm taking a risk by leaving it blank !! Jk that would be stupid</p>

<p>I actually think a lot of people put that. xD</p>

<p>ill read it if you'd like me to</p>

<p>I think I have enough feedback now, but I just need to know one more thing. Should my rapper name in the essay be MC Katherine, MC Kat-Dawg, or MC Katdizzle? Serious question. LOL</p>