You just can't make this stuff up! The crazy news of the day thread.

In one of the articles about the horns on the back of the head, someone encourages reaching a hand around to the lower rear of the skull because those who have the hornlike feature likely can feel it.

So far so good for me!

Athens(in the squirrel on meth article) is only about 90 miles from me. I have unfortunately met a few people that I could see doing something like that.

Just go to/google for “news of the weird” each week. That always reassures me that there are many strange people in the world.

If you are of the legal bent, I highly recommend:

Newspaper has a news bite from each state. Sometimes I shudder.

More squirrel news (with a photo):


Sadder rather than weird but how about the poor starving polar bear who walked hundreds of miles to wind up in a city in Russia looking for food? : ( S/he has been taken to a wildlife rescue center. I hope s/he survives.

This is for the owner of the dog who ate her shirt (in the rant and rave thread):

Glad no surgery was needed! Those pacifiers cost at least a couple of bucks each! Pretty sure the owner was irritated that the kids kept loosing them…

Not at all funny but unbelievable. This poor man was accused of stealing an I.V. with intent to sell it on Ebay (accused by security guard). He was walking outside the hospital grounds and the I.V. was attached to his arm.

Scottish seals have learned how to sing. There is an ad before the video.

^^^ Not if you have Adblock.

Laughing out loud!



This is a few days old but here you go. I really admire her effort and what she’s willing to go through to get a doll.

The article on post #23 days the 3 year old had younger siblings! Sounds like the parent was very busy—guess the one or two child policies per family are long gone!

^ The mother said she needs to make sure her Amazon account is closed before she gives her phone to her 2 year old. Here’s a thought, how about not giving your 2 year old the phone???

@CottonTales I know right. I feel like introducing technology to kids at such a young age just makes them more dependent on it the older they get. I see a bunch of toddlers just playing games all day on a tablet. I’m grateful I got to do things without relying on technology when I was little like reading educational books and playing outside.

I think a story about a meth addicted attack squirrel qualifies.