you know you want to read me - UC?

<p>quick stats:</p>

<p>gpa weighted: 4.31
gpa unweighted: 3.95
sat I: 800 verbal, 650 math
sat II: 800 writing, 720 history, 590 math (sobsobsob)
top 4% in california</p>

<p>really good ECs - 9 years of dance, 3 clubs, 150 hours of community service...oh! and i'm one damn good looking indian, bahaha.</p>

<p>am i in? UCLA? UCB? UCI?</p>


<p>UCLA: Match
UCB: Match
UCI: Safety</p>

<p>bumpity bumpity bump. scratch the UCI question - i coincidentally got a letter today that told me i was in. at least now i know i won't be the only bum in san diego with a 4.31 gpa. w00t.</p>

<p>hey what kind of dance? Bharatanatyam? If so me too! btw how did you pull off a 590 on Math as an Indian? That must not have been fun to explain to your parents. Anyways wanna look at my stats? I really need input and this site is nuts and so my postkeeps moving back and so noone posts on it. its, "Stanford EA" (like all the others lol) and as of now its on the third page but it might have moved farther back. Thanks for helping a fellow damn-good-looking-Indian out. lol<br>
thanks so much</p>

<p>I pulled a 590 my first time taking the SAT, I was almost deported back to Delhi, luckily I improved it to 690, which still isnt very good</p>

<p>oh, and of the three of us, I have a feeling I'm the damn best looking one</p>

<p>I don't know about that. I have the feeling that we're all pretty competitive. lol Hey all you fellow Indians, and everyone else too, please go read my post its "Stanford EA" which I'm now going to bump up.</p>

<p>pfft. i'm the best looking indian, for shizzle. lol. anyway, yeah, 9 years of bharatnatyam, 3 of odissi. and surprisingly, my parents are really chill about the 590...! sort of! as in "if you take it again, all shall be forgiven." rofl. anyway, they've given up on trying to make me an engineering doctorate prodigy and have gotten used to the idea of a lawyer in the if my verbal score was 590, you can bet they would have freaked.</p>

<p>can i get some more love here :D? I CAN POST HOT PICS OF MYSELF - no, no, i can't. sorry, just kidding. try again.</p>

<p>Anyone who dances Bharatanatyam is awesome! Okay so we stopped dance over the summer, and had class yesterday for the first time in 3 months, oh man I'm in such pain today. Its not cool. And as for you Ms. "I'm the best looking Indian" do you have your nose pierced? I actually got mine done a few weeks ago, and I really like it. At first I thought it would make me look too Indian, but everyone loves it. It was so funny though, I have the typical "good girl" rep with of course the occasional slip-ups with boys, and then I came to school one day w/ my nose pierced, everyone was like, "vaish what did you do!?" but after the initial shock wore off ppl think its really cool. wow can you tell I really don't want to go write my paper for AP gov? okay I'm gonna go do work now. :)</p>

<p>Either of you guys have AIM?</p>

<p>no Iwish, but my parents think its a distraction. :( We should email or something b/c I have the feeling we have a ton in common. email me, and just put your user name in the subject so I don't delete it thinking its spam. I'm <a href=""></a>, what about you two? let me know,

<p>lmao thats pathetic bro</p>

<p>wow. ur mom must be paranoid. i only remember parents doing that to deter their kids off of the television in elementary school.</p>

<p>yeah I know, but whatever I do waste a ton of time on this forum now. It would be a ton worse for me if I had AIM, so I don't care anymore.</p>

<p>i do have aim and oh my god, i'd move out early if my mum tried to do that to me...anyway! i shall e-mail you :D</p>

<p>yeah, Apsara do that. I don't have much say about it. I wouldn't ask, its very complicated.</p>