You know your kids are really growing up when...

<p>... when your college student is signing up for classes whose names you can neither spell nor pronounce.</p>

<p>... when your recent college graduate gets a job, and upon reading his job description you realize you have no idea what he's actually doing. </p>

<p>... when you are filling out a form that asks for two emergency contacts, and after listing your spouse you list your child, instead of your parent.</p>

<p>...when they finally get that there is a purpose to balancing a check book</p>

<p>...when they tell you they can't wait til they can save enough to afford a place of their own so they can invite US over.</p>

<p>..when they leave for work in the morning before you and arrive home after you...then share their horror stories of traffic delays ;)</p>

<p>....when they call home just to chat, not to ask for money</p>

<p>....when they ask you if you have seen the price of (insert grocery item here) lately?</p>

<p>....when they come home and do the dishes and the laundry without being asked</p>

<p>... when he says he will only be home for half of his one-month winter break because he's working at a job that will look good on his resume</p>

<p>... when he has a serious post-graduation plan and timeline, even if you are baffled by his choice</p>

<p>... when during a time of loss and grieving, he wraps his arms around you literally and figuratively, as a genuinely supportive adult presence</p>

<p>... when he invites you to his tailgate</p>

<p>... when she is rear ended twice in less than a month and handles the details herself.</p>

<p>... when she works 40+ hours a week at Starbucks so that she can pay for everything herself and live on her own while she continues to try to land her first "real" job.</p>

<p>... when he tells you, "You do more for S & me than any parents I know."</p>

<p>^^^^ Awwww . . . I love that last one.</p>

<p>-when he makes, keeps, and pays for his own dental appointments.</p>



<p>Seems that balancing the checkbook becomes less necessary and less work as more "checks" are done by electronic banking transactions. I.e. so that you no longer have a lot of outstanding checks that the recipients may take variable amounts of time to deposit for payment.</p>

<p>...they have their own 401K.</p>

<p>You visit them on their 22nd birthday (just last month) and they can tell you about the nearby branch of the liquor store with good wines- shocking to realize they have had a whole year of legal drinking experiences.</p>

<p>They have a job, car, et al and don't need you for transportation to visit home (it was funny last June when son got a needed car in home town for the job he was about to begin in his college town- same apartment for a bit- and asked when we were leaving for his return- had to tell him it was up to him, only he was going when he wanted to, he hadn't adjusted his mindset). </p>

<p>They are paying all of their expenses. No need for your approval or cosigning the apartment lease. No sending them back to their place with groceries et al- they can take care of it themselves locally.</p>

<p>You took them off your health insurance because they have their own with their company.</p>

<p>You ask them about their Thanksgiving plans- no assumptions anymore (son gets the Friday after off- a flex or some such day, will come).</p>

<p>They (finally) change their permanent address to where they live instead of the home they grew up in.</p>

<p>They want, not need, you in their lives.</p>

<p>When they stop spilling their milk! (My 7yo still has a problem with this. . .)
When they stop getting into your bed in the middle of the night (7yo + 9yo. . .)</p>

Seems that balancing the checkbook becomes less necessary and less work as more "checks" are done by electronic banking transactions. I.e. so that you no longer have a lot of outstanding checks that the recipients may take variable amounts of time to deposit for payment.


<p>I've seen too many kids (mine included) who assume their 'real' balance is what prints out on the ATM receipt. Pretty scary! Oldest now takes pride in knowing where every dollar of his hard earned check actually goes each month and balances his statements to the penny.</p>

<p>how you know your kid is growing up...</p>

<p>...when they attend a workshop at college where kids are sharing some heartbreaking personal family experiences, then calls you that night to thank you for "always being there for me."</p>

<p>...when you are cleaning out "their" room for a younger sibling to take over and moving "their" stuff into the guest room (doing this this weekend! both :) and :( )</p>

<p>^^awww...that's tough. not looking forward to that day!! :( well maybe just a little ;)</p>

<p>when you can google them for their work</p>

<p>When their bills go to their apartment</p>

<p>When they have opinions on the different ballot measures</p>

<p>When they don't care all their childhood stuff is boxed away when they come hone to visit</p>

<p>-- when the kid who never wanted to take responsibility for paying for anything (e.g., gas) becomes the adult who refuses to let you pay for his trip home.</p>

<p>-- when he says he hopes he can pass on the values/experiences to his kids that he got from us</p>

<p>...when he starts taking vitamins on his own because he doesn't want to get sick at school.</p>

<p>...when he and his roommates actually start cooking in their apartment instead of spending their money on Taco Bell.</p>

<p>...when they ask you for advice, and really listen to it
...when he asks for help in evaluating medical insurance coverage, 401(k) options, etc.
...when they thank you for parenting the way you did, esp. after they have seen what other friends experienced</p>

<p>You beat me to it, Counting Down. My D today told me for the second time recently what a good mom I was (prompted by seeing what kind of mom her boyfriend has).</p>