You know you're obsessed with the admissions process

<p>when you are about 1/3 of the way through Gore Vidal's Julian, have just finished reading about how Julian became Caesar, and think, "Wow, How I Became Caesar would be a great college application essay.</p>

<p>you've told Ebay to notify you when a seller lists an item of clothing with the name of S's ED school...but you won't bid on it until after Dec. 15 just in case that would jinx it</p>

<p>You can't wait to go to back to school night just so that you be around other "obsessed" people and talk about it without feeling like you need to shut up already.</p>

<p>You are late to class in the morning because you need to check for any "late night activity" on the Parents Forum.</p>

<p>when you're still arguing about the validity, justice, etc. of the process even after your kid has started college.</p>

<p>You have a dream about re-taking the SATs...even though it's about 35 years too late for a higher score to make a difference for you.</p>

<p>When you realize there are at least 2 college applications in each room of your house-
2 in the kitchen
3 in the den
2 in the living room
and 12- yes, 12- in the bedroom.</p>

<p>Or you think how much higher your 35 year old SAT score would be after it was recentered.</p>

<p>You're already thinking of which sophmores you can work with after your child finishes his college search...</p>

<p>This afternoon, I went to mail one of my D's applications. And after purchasing the postage, the postal worker asked me if I wanted anything else, and so I figured, he must have read the address (!?) and I said, yes, some good wishes with it as it is a college application. And he replied, "oh, you are applying to college?" </p>

(47 yr. old)</p>

<p>Hey Susan,</p>

<p>If we only knew then what we know now we sould be some seniors to be reckoned with</p>

<p>You dream about rewriting your essays or fielding interview questions. </p>

<p>You've developed a computer program that, fed with the scores and EC's of applicants, can predict with 95% accuracy whether a student will be accepted and at which colleges.</p>

<p>Sybbie writes: "Hey Susan,</p>

<p>If we only knew then what we know now we sould be some seniors to be reckoned with"</p>

<p>Sybbie, While I feel like I know a whole heck of a lot about college admissions now, I seriously have doubts whether I could get into either my college or graduate school again today if I were to apply!</p>


<p>elizabeth22 - I thought we were the only house like that! We probably are the only one in the U.K. I dream about transcripts and those tick boxes on counselor's forms.</p>

<p>You spend too much time on CC.</p>

<p>You are still on cc when your two kids are already in college! ;)</p>

<p>in fact, one of them has graduated already!</p>

<p>You are still flipping through college reference books like the Fiske Guide when you go to Borders. After your child is in college. You pretend it's for the sophomore.</p>

<p>Oh, Fredo, I can relate! I feel like a homing pigeon -- or maybe a zombie -- every time I walk into Borders. And my next in line is only a freshman!</p>

<p>This is starting to sound like a a CAA (College Admissions Anonymous) meeting...I'm Carolyn L. and I'm an Admissions Addict...</p>