Young Epidemiology Scholars

<p>Is anyone else doing this? My dad knows an epidemiologist at Penn that will mentor me for it. Just interested in whether anyone on here's doing this or done it in the past.</p>

<p>yeah, ive been getting those letters, but im not doing it.</p>

<p>I was thinking about doing it...still in that thinking phase.</p>

<p>looks like lots of research, finding a mentor, lots of writing..etc..
sounds like fun!
oof.i wish i could find a mentor!</p>

<p>Epidemiology.... why does it remind me of taxidermy and eptymology. Sounds like a fun career, definitely sounds like your choice is all made up! Good job not just screaming "I'm gonna be a doctor!" when you're 6 and staying that way your whole life. Well, i guess you are studying epidemics, so you get to help people and get to avoid bad handwriting jokes! Sounds fun! Good luck with that!</p>

<p>just curious. i am thinking about doing this... but do I have to get some kinda special mentor?? or my HS physics teacher is good enough??</p>