YoungArts 2020-2021

Hello! Applications are now welcome. What disciplines are you guys thinking about entering?
I want to try film, photography, and visual arts this year, but I wonder if judging will be any different considering the events of this year and what people will create.

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Hi! First time entering in this contest…

I think I am going to enter in novel writing, short story, and creative nonfiction

Nice to meet you guys :slight_smile:


probably only poetry although I know i won’t make finalists bc i’m not good enough lol. but i’m honestly reconsidering applying to yarts bc of the racial injustice stuff they have yet to address. obvi it’ll b an issue i’ll hv to deal with if i make it to finalists! any tips?

I don’t mean to trivialize these topics, but do you think there will be more artwork centered around BLM and covid-19 this year?

It’s just that I feel weird talking about either topic, considering I already began to work on my pieces and BLM/covid quarantine aren’t overarching themes. I feel that, if I turn it into a narrative about Black folk, I’d be using their stories for my own gain. I think Black artists should be both protagonist and creator of their narrative, and since I’m not Black, I can’t help but feel like I’d be appropriating their stories…

But if I don’t address these issues, I risk being presented as tone-deaf or naive.

I get that this is a very minimal conflict, but does anyone else feel this way?

i wouldn’t be surprised if there were, because both have had a significant impact on all of us (and while i’m not Black either, i think the rise of the BLM movement has radicalized more people)

but i also think it’s okay to not make those topics a focus in your art. from the last two years’ exhibitions, it seems like youngarts places a lot of importance on identity-based and personal work, meaning they want to hear your own voice and stories. i do also feel a responsibility to address these things, but as a nonblack person i recognize capitalizing off of Black trauma is not the same as shedding light or bringing awareness

if it does bother you though, you could address that in your artist statement! but idk whether that would be informal - you sound sincere though

OMG HI MEI (omg yeontan is ur username hahahahhaha I ALMOST THOUGHT I MET YOU FROM THE BTS SERVERS)

good luck on your poetry! You’re very talented and I hope the best for you :)))

KLDHFLDKSHLDSKNLDSHK i made my username on a whim LKFHDKSKDS and thank you so much!!! I’m sure ur incredible too and ur literally gonna slay out there!!!


does anyone know if youngarts would accept a novel in verse for their novel category?

Hey!!! I’m thinking of applying for the short story discipline. I got four gold keys and two gold medals at the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition last year and I’m going to be a sophomore next year. This is my first time applying for Young Arts and I’m super nervous! Does anyone have any advice or know how it compares to Scholastic? Is there a certain tone or style of writing they are looking for?


HI hihello (see what i did there?) i personally do not know, i would suggest emailing them to ask!

in my opinion (and i’m obv no expert), if your novel in verse has a plot/diff characters/etc then it would probably be alright? i don’t necessarily think they would not accept it. if you are concerned tho poetry is an option too.

hey im new to youngarts, and was wondering if we were allowed to enter in more than one discipline? i think its prob worth trying at multiple things since these types of comps are so subjective anyways

@artemesia so on the website it says “Yes, you may apply in as many disciplines and categories as you’d like. Please note that there is an application fee for each application you submit. If you qualify for a fee waiver, the documentation must be uploaded into each application in order for your fees to be waived.”

so you’ll be able to! good luck, what disciplines are you applying to?

Hey! Is anyone applying for theater?

i’m applying for theater and maybe dance as well! anyone know which is their most competitive discipline?

oooh im not actually sure but that sounds really cool! good luck to you guys!!!

also is anyone here doing novel, by chance? i heard yarts is opposed to anything nonliterary, I wrote something scifi so will this be a big RIP 0_0

roshabloo - I’m also considering applying for novel, but I wrote something fantasy, and like you mentioned, youngarts tends to prefer more literary writing, so I’m thinking I’ll stick with some short stories instead.

and idea how the chances of getting an award in youngarts compares with the chances of getting one in scholastic? just wondering since i got one in scholastic last year

@houtx123x heyo! nice to meet you ahhaaha! yea i already wrote the whole thing and i have no plans for actually publishing it so im thinking ill just throw it at yarts and see what sticks to the wall lololol…good luck to you on your short stories tho! what type of fantasy do u write…like magic realism or ye epic fantasies or vampire things hahahaha…i love fantasy so much llol

idk rlly the comparison between yarts and scholastic tbh…its my first time. it seems like yarts is harder, considering they don’t pick that many. i only saw 2 ppl for novel in their anthology, though this might be because they don’t print anyone. it also seems scholastic has more people who enter, so maybe that might be why scholastic has more people who win? imo (and this is literally an opinion so dont quote me lol) yarts seems to be stricter in grading than scholastic it seems, i feel like scholastic has more variety tho tbh

Hi, I was just wondering, does anybody have any insight in what youngarts judges like to see in they’re visual arts category submissions??