younger superstar sibling and my admissions

<p>if a younger sibling is a superstar in a sport (national/international) and basically would get accepted into any college he/she applied to, would that somehow help with admissions for the older sibling? in other words, could this be used as an advantage in any way, if so how?</p>

<p>No, it would not help at all. They are admitting YOU, not your sibling, so what matters are YOUR accomplishments, not your sibling's.</p>

<p>Seriously? I wouldn't rule it out. If sibling was a highly recruited superstar, (frinstance, a Tiger Woods - if he had a sibling, John McEnroe, that type of athlete) I think a letter of recommendation written by your sibling stating that he would like to go to the same college that big sibling goes to, and especially if you had the required stats for the college anyway, I think it could have the desired effect.</p>

<p>At that point you are asking the college to accept you for what your sibling has done.</p>

<p>NJres, I think the only way your scenario would play out is not if the sibling promises to attend but rather if the sibling makes a huge financial donation upfront before the application arrives in admissions. I'm talking a donation worthy of a name on a new library. I can not imagine that any school would accept someone based on some future, non-contractual promise of a sibling to attend. Just isn't going to happen.</p>

<p>And, gosh, if I'd been standing in the shadow of a superstar sibling all my life, I wouldn't want to wonder if I had been accepted because of his name. I'd want to be accepted for my own accomplishments.</p>

<p>Your younger sibling will probably go through the recruiting process, and his/her plan for him/herself won't be clear until signing on the dotted line. Any written intention now is meaningless.</p>

<p>Colleges won't give you a break based on your sibling. Anyway, it would be better to be fully your own person than to tie your future to your sibling's talents and plans. I'm sure that you have more things going for you than a talented sibling. Look for a college that will gladly welcome you for being you, and where you'll also be very happy.</p>