Your advice, please.

Cumulative College GPA: 3.25
Extracurricular activities: concertmaster of the symphony orchestra, hall government representative
Interests: violin (12 years), piano (13 years)</p>

<p>High School GPA: 3.6
SAT: 2140 (CR: 710, M: 690, W: 740)
Extracurricular activities: Student Body President (senior year), Class Vice President (freshmen-junior year), honors level string orchestra (3 years, concertmaster in my senior year), chairperson of our school's peer leadership program, model congress, National Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, various youth orchestras</p>

<p>The Situation: I am about to begin my second year of college in a couple of weeks, but after being so unhappy at school during freshman year, I hope to apply to various schools as a transfer applicant for Spring 2011 admission. Unfortunately, my GPA is less than stellar, and of course, grades are a huge factor in admission to the schools I wish to apply to. I did make Dean's List last semester, but I suppose this gives you a rough idea of how badly I did first semester.</p>

<p>The Questions: What are my chances at getting into the schools I wish to apply to? Do I have a better chance at some of the schools, and if so, which schools? Should I postpone applying altogether and wait another semester to improve my GPA? (I should note that I hope to avoid this because I am really not happy at my current college.)</p>

<p>The Schools:
Universities: Cornell, NYU, College of William & Mary
Liberal Arts Colleges: Amherst (an awfully high reach, I know), Davidson, Colgate</p>

<p>What school do you go to now? Your GPA might not be out of this world, but if you're from a college/university with rigorous academics, the 3.25 might not be as bad as you think.
What's your major and what sort of classes have you taken thus far?</p>

<p>I presently attend Binghamton University, State University of New York. I am considering double majoring in Economics and Spanish but officially, I am undecided. In my first semester, I took Calculus, Biology, a History course, and a freshmen writing seminar. In my second semester, I took Introduction to Microeconomics, Elementary Statistics, a Political Science course, and a course in early British literature.</p>