Your Best Teacher ever?

<p>My physics B teacher is the best! He understands that we, as AP students, have tons of responsibilities.EVERY TIME when we feel like we are not ready for a test, he gives each of us extensions. If we have any trouble or issue, he always gives us a generous solution. He is funny. He is positive. He is the best!</p>

<p>If you like him so much why don't you marry him?</p>

<p>8th grade english teacher!! the class was extremely challenging, but it was very thought provoking at the same time. Everyone could be themselves and not be judged... it was a wonderful environment.</p>

<p>loool @ Quacoh</p>

<p>My freshman biology teacher Mr. Urena. He had such a unique way of teaching, and explaining things. He played guitar so he would make up songs and he put everything in abbreviations and songs. Thanks to him i will always know how to set up graphs- (Dependent Responding Y-axis) (Manipulated Independent X-Axis) DRY MIX! and a song for cellular respiration xp</p>

<p>My Latin teacher. Sadly, he is leaving after this year :'(</p>

<p>My music teacher is legit a goddess, she is so in charge of the class room and respect commanding at the same time as being VERY cool and close to her students. She has been there for me and other kids more times than I can count. She always pushes us beyond what we think we can do, and the reward is tremendous. I have learned so much from her. Mrs. Beavan is incredible! So lucky to have her!!</p>

<p>the best teachers are all alike; every bad teacher is bad in his/her own way.</p>

<p>My math teacher is amazing; she has us look at everything in a bunch of different ways so we understand completely. And she really loves math.</p>

<p>4th group math teacher. </p>

<p>She sectioned us into groups of 3-4 like-paced peers and then we made up our own calenders and worked at our own paces! Some of us were doing Algebra 1 Honors in 4th grade while others were still multiplying fractions.</p>

I agree 100%.</p>

<p>My 9th grade geometry teacher. He was pretty chill and always had his corny jokes ready. Also homeworks could be handed in anytime for full credit because he didn't want "students to quickly scribble down each other's answers in the cafeteria." Totally helped with the transition from middle school to high school.</p>

<p>My AP Calculus teacher. She is funny. She is positive. She is the best!</p>

<p>my math teacher.. i may be failing math but he is hilarious lol0ololol love that crazy fo</p>