Your College Selection

<p>which colleges are you looking into and why do you want to apply to them?</p>

<p>So far I only have university of Tulsa in mind because I'm impressed by their accomplished students, their love for IB students, the style of their honors program, low price, and the good word I keep hearing about the professors. I am trying to find a value school that resembles this!</p>

<p>Cooper Union

<p>-main focus Engineering
-Tuition is covered by admission scholarship
-a lot more but those two are the most important right now</p>

<p>but i am only a Junior, i haven't really researched colleges much aside from opening the occasional 10 pound piles of college mail i get everyday and reading random anecdotes on CC. </p>

<p>my dream college is one that is relatively low-cost, or where i can get a big scholarship. and it needs to have a really good engineering program. but I also want to be able to take foreign languages particularly latin and spanish. and a cross country team would be cool too. so yeah i need to get looking</p>

<p>Finished them all. O_O</p>


<p>Next year I will be applying to colleges, so this list may change over the time, but I'm pretty confident that most of these schools are going to stay on the list, unless I find something that turns me off or I decide to add other schools. </p>

-Thematic Option Program
-good academics
-good location for an aspiring actress
-good acting program
-Trojan network
-great weather
-located right in the middle of LA (I see that as a plus, rather than a negative, despite some people's opinions about USC's location)
-diverse student body (both racially and economically)
-good financial aid (offers Trustee Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, and etc.)
-ability to double major w/minor or even triple major
-can minor in dance</p>

-located in Houston (pretty close to where I live, but it's not so close that I will feel smothered by my parents)
-lowest tuition out of all the private universities in the U.S.
-great academics
-flexible distribution requirements
-good weather
- ability to double major
-opportunities to pursue dance on and off campus
-residential colleges system
-great financial aid</p>

-great academics
-good theatre program (no audition)
-relatively close to Chicago
-great dance troupes on campus</p>

-good theatre program
-located in NYC
-good location for aspiring actress
-good academics (Jesuit affiliated)
-good with financial aid
-can pursue dance in the location
-can begin networking off campus due to connections</p>

-great theatre program
-located in NYC
-great place for aspiring actress
-ability to double major in other subjects
-can pursue dance off campus and take some course
-can start networking off campus due to connections</p>

-open curriculum
-located in Providence (enjoy city life, but can drive to NYC if I wanted to)
-amazing academics
-good theatre program (no audition)
-can pursue dance inside and outside of campus
-can earn a dance certificate
-non-cuthroat(sp?) environment
-pretty diverse when compared to most private schools</p>

-very friendly people
-cousin went there and I've heard nothing but good stuff from him
-St.Louis is a city (not NYC or LA, but it's not middle of nowhere)
-great academics
-generous with financial aid</p>

<p>University of Houston
-automatic acceptance
-pretty good theatre program (no audition)
-located in Houston
-very diverse student body (both racially and economically)
- low price</p>

<p>Wow, keep the replies coming! This is quite interesting!</p>

my dream college is one that is relatively low-cost, or where i can get a big scholarship. and it needs to have a really good engineering program. but I also want to be able to take foreign languages particularly latin and spanish. and a cross country team would be cool too. so yeah i need to get looking


I am a junior, too. i've been looking and looking and no luck! So Im thinking "Maybe I should let the colleges come to ME." Srs. tell me how some colleges mail you about how they will give you money and etc. I hope that happens to me even with my stupid PSAT score...</p>

<p>I haven't choose mine yet, just thinking about UCSD although I really want to go out of state. I wonder if it's too late since I'm in my junior year already. Most of my friends already decide where are they gonna go.</p>

<p>Franklin College-Switzerland
Wonderful international relations program, and I get a sense for it in a non-America central atmosphere. Academic, and at the heart of Europe.</p>

<p>Reed College
So focussed on academics while merging it with an intense liberal atmosphere and a good amount of herb. Not to mention international studies.</p>

Heart of NYC. Heart of art.</p>

Eugene Lang College
American University Paris
John Cabot University</p>

<p>I'm a sophomore, so i've got a while till final decisions</p>

<p>ilovemath, I have the exact same choices as you! I want a low cost engineering school with a good reputation and extremely small student body:)</p>

<p>"So focussed on academics while merging it with an intense liberal atmosphere and a good amount of herb."</p>

<p>haha. word up (to the last part, that is).</p>

<p>STANFORD (I'm applying EA next year)
- close to home but not close enough for me to be visited by parents every other day
- beautiful campus
- suburban atmosphere (Palo Alto is gorgeous and resembles home quite a bit)
- great all-around
- sort of midway in the political spectrum
- not a huge party school but far from dull
- there's a certain vibe about it that I feel everytime I visit.</p>

<p>Other colleges I'm probably applying to next year
UC Berkeley
UC Irvine
UC Davis
Princeton (maybe on this, I'm visiting in the summer)
Cornell, Dartmouth (see above comment)
Duke (I need to do more research but people call it the Stanford of the South)
Rice (for med program)
Northwestern (see above)
Johns Hopkins (possibly. I'm sort of undecided right now)</p>

<p>I'm more of a suburban type so I'm much more leaned towards to more suburbian Ivies (Cornell, Dartmouth, Princeton) and Stanford than the UCs and whatnot.</p>

<p>Well...I am very very difficult. I require A LOT from a college to make it on my list. </p>

<li>Boston College</li>
<li>it's in Boston</li>
<li>gorgeous campus</li>
<li>good academics</li>
<li>school spirit</li>
<li>awesome basketball team</li>
<li><p>can have fun and work hard</p></li>
<li><p>Vanderbilt University</p></li>
<li><p>i would love to go to school in the south...i think the "homeiness" will remind me of how welcoming people are here...well i hope. </p></li>
<li><p>good writing program</p></li>
<li><p>pretty campus</p></li>
<li><p>sweet parties</p></li>
<li><p>Gonzaga University</p></li>
<li><p>close to family</p></li>
<li><p>good size</p></li>
<li><p>generally good in academics</p></li>
<li><p>BASKETBALL! go zags!</p></li>
<li><p>school spirit</p></li>
<li><p>gorgeous campus</p></li>

<p>I have like...20 other schools but they haven't made "the list" yet. But this will probably change because I have only visited Gonzaga so far.</p>

<p>I'm looking for..</p>

<li>internationally prestigious schools (parents will not allow me to attned a school in the u.s unless it has a 'name')</li>
<li>suburban, urban</li>
<li>aesthetically, beautiful campus- similar to Princeton's gothic archeticture</li>
<li>good med school acceptance rate</li>
<li>diversity, racial, ethnical, etc..</li>
<li>friendly atmosphere but i wont mind if it's cutthroat either.</li>
<li>lots and lots and lots of school spirit. Soccer would be perfect to be the 'major' sport of the school</li>
<li>weather: freezing or major hotness. nothing in between.</li>
<li>non religious</li>
<li>an average party scene- not too outthere or not non existant</li>
<li>medium student body.. not looking at small LACs</li>
<li>cheap living costs, ie. not NYU</li>

<p>yay zpmqxonw ! :D
where do you live?(state)
i live in NY</p>

<p>I am only a sophmore but I am considering
University of Chicago
-fell in love with the campus
-know the city on the back of my hand
-Great Arceology Program
-Not to big or small
New College of Florida
-no grades but an actual report of what I did and need to improve upon
-academic environment
-do a thesis paper/project end of senior year
-get to desgin my own program
Evergreen State college and Drexel university if I decide to become a filmaker.
Also, Oxford University,UK Really big reach-my dream school
I am have already planned two safeties that I love-Carroll College and Shimer College because they are near my family so I can still take care of my Nana</p>

<p>I finished all of them Dec. 31st! YES! </p>

<p>First choice : American
- It's in Washington, D.C.
- well, not IN, it's on embassy row, so it's safe + suburban, but easy to get to the city
- I admit it - I love the Georgetown nightlife and shopping
- good international business program + study abroad in Germany</p>

<p>I won't hear until April 1st.</p>

- Earlharm (inbetween where my parents will be living and where my boyfriend lives, I can take my horse, study abroad program in Marburg, Germany which is my favorite city in the world)
- Denison (I can take my horse and they have a dressage team...)
- Loyola Chicago (my dad made me...they don't even have German, so I won't be going)
- U of Dayton (I get to stay close to home, but my parents will be moving to Indianapolis, I can keep my horse where she is, good business program, study abroad in Marburg - yesss, stay close to boyfriend and my older brother and my neices)
- Ohio U (safety, nuf said)
- Bowling Green State U (again, extreme safety)</p>

<p>Southern Oregon University (Top Choice, and I've been admitted, so this is where I'm going)
-Super psychology department
-Super criminology department
-I'm in love with the town
-Small school (Around 5000 students)</p>

<p>Humboldt State University
-In my hometown
-Accepts pretty much everyone who applies
-Safety school
-A lot of my friends are going there</p>

<p>Chico State University
-If you look past the party aspect, it's great academically
-Party school... I'm 17, give me a break, lol
-Three of my family members went there and loved it.
-I love the location
-Great psych program</p>

<p>Sonoma State University
-No reason really, my dad wanted me to apply, so I did. And it's not huge either.</p>

<p>U of M Ann Arbor - because it's close to home and a decent school.
EMU - close to home, crappy school, but I needed a safety.
U of M dearborn - the application was free.
NYU - awesome school, has my major, would LOVE to go there, love NY, but, I don't think I'm even applying.</p>

<p>bumpity hump hump</p>

<p>I'm a senior, have already applied and been accepted, but I'll tell you what led up to my decision. </p>

<p>Since I was in the 5th grade, I decided that I was going to go to the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. All through middle school and even until the summer before senior year started, I still had it in mind as 'the school' I wanted to go to. However, when I visited the campus and got first hand information, it did not live up to everything that I had expected or wanted in a school. The student who was my tour guide was really sweet. She asked what other schools I was checking into and I told her, "The University of Tennessee." When I told her that, she looked at me and my mom and told me, to go there. Isn't it saying something if one of the students is telling me to go elsewhere? She gave me some reasons and such. A few days later, I went to Knoxville, to check out UT. The moment we drove onto the campus, I felt at home. I just got this overwhelming feeling that it was right for me to be here and that it is where I needed to be.</p>

<p>I took the tour at UT and the more information that came my way, that I hadn't already known just blew me away. </p>

<p>So, after almost my whole life thinking that I would be going to college at UNC, I knew it wasn't a right fit for me and scratched it off my list. I then knew that UT was the place for me to go.</p>

<p>Why did I choose UT? So many reasons. </p>

<p>The campus. I think it's beautiful - trees, it's near the Tennessee River, rolling hills, and the buildings themselves are nice. </p>

<p>The people. Everyone I met there was beyond nice and welcoming and willing to answer any questions that I had. </p>

<p>The tradition. UT is instilled with a history of tradition and I found that so amazing. They want each student to give back to the community and 'volunteer' to benefit society.</p>

<p>The academic opportunites and programs. They offer a wide variety of programs, majors, and programs for undergraduates. One of their programs that I really liked is every summer before the new freshman class comes in they require them to read an assigned book. Then at welcome week, there are discussions on the book. </p>

<p>The best advice that I can give, is visit the colleges you have in mind. If it doesn't meet your expectations, then don't feel like you still need to go there. Move on. Find your match.</p>

<p>I did that and I know that I'm going to a university where I will have an array of experiences, challenges, offerings, and a great 4-years.</p>

<p>My current list is extremely short, because I've only visited three colleges so far. (That's not counting American, which is three blocks from my house, and Georgetown, which is a 15 minute drive.) I plan to expand after I've spent spring break driving around New England.</p>

I wanted to love it before visiting, but I was afraid that I'd be disappointed. I shouldn't have worried, because despite the pouring rain I felt at home immediately.</p>

<p>Bryn Mawr
I'm not sure about this. The campus was absolutely gorgeous, and it seemed like a friendly, welcoming place... I'm just not sure I can see myself at a women's college.</p>

<p>I can't speak for colleges I haven't visited, but here are a few that I'm looking into:</p>

University of Chicago

<p>I don't have many specific criteria, but there are a few.</p>

<li>No further south than Philadelphia (2.5 hours driving distance from home).</li>
<li>Colder than DC.</li>
<li>Not a party school.</li>
<li>Smallish, or possibly medium sized.</li>
<li>Good programs in chemistry, English, and French.</li>

<p>I can't think of anything else right now.</p>