Your craziest college story

<p>This past year (freshman) I was in a fraternity house partying on a Friday night, and this guy in the center of a dancing circle brought out a torch and did some firebreathing... in the middle of the house. That alone was pretty impressive, but there were additional explosions including several beer bottles that were caused because apparently alcohol is combustible. One girl was burned severely and an ambulance had to be called. Cops all over the place for the rest of the night too, was not fun staying there.</p>

Someone brought a torch inside a house and started firebreathing at the center of a boozed-up frat party?
this guy just broke into an unprecedented, whole 'nother level of stupidity.
i'm genuinely surprised</p>

<p>My freshman year wasn't that crazy..except for my neighbor. She would have 'African parties' (as she called them) where she would blast music and invite people over. Randomly she would shout 'rain dance', then change the music. My roommate and I could hear chanting and stomping from her room. It was a little creepy, especially at 2 am.</p>

<p>wow... **** goes down on Central Campus... </p>

<p>I'll just hang out on quiet North</p>

<p>I think I gotta call BS. Beer is not high enough in alcohol to combust... Ever heard of a molotov cocktail made out of beer? nop you haven't.</p>

<p>If the person was just burned by the frat boy basically blowing flames on her then that makes sense...</p>

<p>Got back to my room at 3 am, I unblackout in the elevator in my underwear and a muscle shirt with a girl I know asking me what I'm doing in my underwear. I say "I'm not sure" and then black out again.</p>

<p>I hear the next day I went to the front desk in my underwear and asked the RAs if I could use their phone to call my mom.</p>

<p>And that was probably the least crazy thing I did that night...from what people told me.</p>

<p>The worst thing that ever happened to me was when i decided that i was going to ride the shetland pony that someone had rented for our party photos. It kicked the crap out of me breaking ribs and leaving me a gimp in the middle of tailgatting season.</p>