Your 'Crush' As You Travel Though Your Senior Years!

Somebody suggested this in the Teen Crush thread! So, for fun…

I could look at Anderson Cooper all day long - he is ‘dreamy’ in an odd kind of way, and I love his giggle! And also, Sam Heughan,; oh,man! He’s gorgeous, but that feels a little pervy as he’s about 30 years younger than I am!

Ok, go! Your turn…

J lo

Nuff said


Ming-Na Wen and Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Clooney, always. Dev Patel.

Anthony Fauci

Lenny Kravitz, looking good for 56

It’s funny, teen years it’s all about looks and ‘cool’ factor. Now my crush has to have the best sense of humor:).

Trying hard to pick someone close to my age, George Clooney

Oh, wait, it has to be someone close to our age? I still evaluate with my 18-year-old eyes, thus Henry Cavill. My bad. :wink:

@garland , Bruce who? To me, Bruce is always Bruce Lee.

The reason I dreamed about coming to U.S. was that I had a huge crush on Paul Newman. I was in the middle school. So yeah, none of my friends shared the same passion. He was already in his 50s then.

Anyway, because of this celebrity crush, I studied English very hard and came to U.S.!! (Believing it would be full of men who look like Paul Newman)

I have to agree with @momo2x2018 - Anderson Cooper. I see a pattern here. I always have crush on smart men with silver white hair!

Matthew McConaughey.

@HiToWaMom See my teen crush! Bruce Lee was my dream man; in my early 20s I dated somebody with similar facial features, but he did not have the body!

Well, I had a massive crush almost 20 years ago on Colin Firth from BJD, or rather a crush on Mark Darcy. I think I watched that movie 25 times. Joined a fan club, watched all his movies. It was worse than when I was a girl, sort of scary. Read all about him, I fell in love with a fictional character, it was bizarre.

Thankfully it’s over.

There is only one Bruce with many u’s.

The Boss.

Shout out to Eddie Van Halen. Pretty face and mad skillz. RIP

So sad about Eddie Van Halen. Way too young.

George Clooney for me too. Or Brad Pitt!

Scarlett Johansson, Olivia Munn and Lily James. Almost every actress in Hollywood or on TV is gorgeous, so it is easy to get distracted (E.g., Cote de Pablo).

Interestingly, not all the actors are so handsome but very few females are other than gorgeous. They somehow think that if you put glasses on a beautiful actress, she won’t be gorgeous.

Jon Bon Jovi was looking pretty good on 60 Minutes last night.

For me, Elizabeth Hurley (her British accent is a bonus), close second is Kate Beckinsale.

For wife, definitely Rob Lowe, she’s obsessed with him after we got into viewing West Wing recently.