Your dream lifestyle

<p>Hey everyone, so I wanted to ask you what is your dream lifestyle after college? By "lifestyle" I mean;</p>

<li>Your starting salary</li>
<li>The number of hours you work a week</li>
<li>your benefits

<p>Please list your desired career/job as well.</p>

<p>I will start:
My dream lifestyle is to have a job in which I only work three days a week OR have lots of vacation time. I want to have a starting salary of roughly 55,000/year. I want to have medical insurance and paid maternity leave. I am thinking about either doing nursing or teaching.</p>

<p>lol good luck with that plan :cool:</p>

<p>Salary: $50,000/annum</p>

<p>Time spent working: 60-70 hours a week (I'm headed for finance, so I will be working long hours.)</p>

<p>Benefits: Medical insurance, all that jazz.</p>

<p>I would probably rent a small flat as well and live alone for the first six to eight years of my adulthood. My free time would be spent either hanging out with people from work or playing video games.</p>

<p>salary: $75,000 annually (I will have a PhD and possibly significant debt)
hours: 50 per week
perks: health care, retirement, travel</p>

working for the government, traveling around the world or at least one part of the world, living in DC or NYC</p>

<p>I kind of just follow my dreams ... I don't really know where my life is going to take me. </p>

<p>I'll go to graduate school, get a M.S. in Communication Disorders, work at a school in either NYC or NJ as a speech therapist with young kids, live in North Jersey for the rest of my life, and probably have a starting salary of 35,000. It's not my dream really. I think that is what I expect. Kind of don't want to be stuck in Jersey the rest of my life, but I guess I can accept that. 0.o</p>

<p>"dream" lifestyle?</p>

<p>$60 million contract with FC Barcelona or FC Arsenal</p>


<p>I don't want to be "rich." Upper middle class and rich people seem to have lost sight of all things reasonable - I don't want that. Plus, I dont need to live extravagently. The only exceptions would be a) I'd really like to give a lot of money to charity (but I can still give my time, right?) and b) I'd like to retire comfortably.</p>

<p>Dream job...working someqhere tropical or near the sea. Love to work outdoors</p>

<p>actually I would love to work at sea. Whale watching! That's dream job material. Although I want a good salary and that would be unlikely</p>

<p>in reality I'll probably just end up with a lame corporate job (although maybe I could work for American kennel club and bring my dog into work :)</p>

<p>Hugh Hefner.</p>

<p>Salary: At least $50K/year, depending on where I live maybe even 70K
Hours: A 40 hour work week would be nice
Vacation: At least two weeks paid vacation
Perks: Good health insurance, retirement, 401K, that sort of stuff</p>

<p>I'd actually love working for the Federal government. I also wouldn't mind a job with the FBI. If I end up becoming a doctor it'd be cool to work somewhere like US AMRIID. Joining the military's another dream but sadly it'll probably remain that way due to medical conditions.</p>

<p>I agree with applicannot. I do not care about being rich. I have learned to live off close to nothing. I could care less about luxuries because i like to live simple.
My dream lifestyle would be a 55k-75k salary working for a good company and maybe staring a nonprofit for the arts. Benefits taken care of and around 50 hrs.
I have always wanted to write screenplays and maybe direct a few.</p>


<p>NFL Contract - Free Safety win like 2 or 3 Super Bowls</p>

<p>good luck not getting injured free safety. Also, hope you don't end up in Detroit lol.</p>

lol good luck with that plan


<p>It is actually pretty realistic. Three 12 hour shifts as an RN, medical benefits as a nurse, and the average starting salary for a RN with a BSN is roughly $50,000. Now, as for the paid maternity leave....</p>

<p>...tell boyfriend to wear condoms. done</p>

<p>I bet dogs are much more fun anyway</p>

<p>Well, I'd love to be a military doctor in the airforce, but I'll have to save that for another lifetime :p. I'm too short anyway :(.</p>

-Enough of a salary to support myself/modest home. I'd hope that it increases over the years so that I can support my family =)
-I don't mind working a good deal while I'm younger, but once I have my kids...I'd prefer less hours..
-I'd prefer that whatever career I have is something that I can feel good about doing...a friendly environment would be lovely too. If I could, I would definitely own my own business; I can't stand bureaucracy...</p>

<p>Thinking along the lines of PA, engineer, lawyer, ..... I'll figure it out one of these days haha. :)</p>

<p>I thought you meant a typical work day of 8 hours, not 12 :P</p>

I thought you meant a typical work day of 8 hours, not 12 :P


<p>I wish, lol. But I would definitely rather work three LONG days and have four days off then be locked in the typical 40hr, 5 days a week job. And in nursing, I know of some people who work Saturdays and Sundays only (2 16 hour shifts) and have Monday-Friday off. I also know of a woman who works 80 hours one week and then has the next week entirely off. </p>


<p>Dream lifestyle?</p>

<p>work 7 hours/week and make + $1million/year.</p>