Your Experience with Required English Classes?

I’m a student who will be attending UNCW this fall. Currently looking at the required University Studies classes and I see that I’ll need to take ENG 101 followed by ENG 201 in the future or, since my SAT Verbal score is above 630 (I assume they mean Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, but it would also be helpful to know for certain), I have the option of taking ENG 103 to satisfy both.

I’m wondering if anyone could share some advice/experiences with either of these options. Based on ratemyprofessors, people seem to prefer those teaching the more advanced class, but is ENG 103 a bit of a dive into the deep end? Or is it worth a little extra work to avoid having to take a second English class to fulfill the requirement?

Thank you in advance!

Does UNCW let students exempt the Freshman English classes if they have an AP english score or dual enrollment English course?

Also you said the SAT Verbal score to take ENG103 is 630+; do they state an ACT score requirement? (and is it English only or English+Reading?)