Your favorite and least favorite SAT CR passages?

<p>My Least Favorites: Law and Recent History (World War II, Cold War, etc.). Because I know very little about those topics to begin with; those bore me to death. The wording of those kinds of passages is hard for me, but I just do my best and try to bear with it when I come across one of those passages.</p>

<p>Favorites: Science and short stories (author's personal experiences)</p>


<p>Favorite- science and history</p>

<p>Least- long narrative fiction</p>

<p>Fave: Science/History</p>

<p>Least: Anything else, and long ones.</p>

<p>Favorite - Science and History (conforming with the others :P)
Least Favorite - some critiques of like 1700s novel crap that I never even heard of. It's painful to read through it trying to understand what they are saying.</p>

<p>Favorite: Science, by far
Least Favorite: Reviews of books or authors, and sometimes biographies</p>

<p>I hate all.</p>

<p>The end.</p>

<p>JK. I like the science ones. I hate the philosophy ones..</p>

<p>Least favorite: History
Favorite: Short stories</p>

<p>Thanks guys! And @DorkyElmo....same story here!</p>

<p>Favorite: Science and excerpts from Literature </p>

<p>I absolutely DETEST passages about critics & art >___<</p>

<p>Yes, I also hate philosophy :)</p>

<p>I hate the arts one. YUK.</p>

<p>Favorite: Science and the two short passage ones that are always at the beginning
Least: Everything else.</p>

<p>Favorite: 40 Line History</p>

<p>Hate: 120 Line philosophy </p>


<p>My least favorite passage ever is the one that starts on 975 in the BB. It's brutal.</p>

<p>Favorite: nonfiction passages written like a textbook
Least favorite: long narrative fiction</p>