Your goal for junior year . . . .

<p>I saw a thread like this for seniors, and I wanted to see what junior's goals are.</p>

<p>For Me:
- Ace the SAT
- Survive my difficult classes
- Become more confident and outspoken
- Improve and deepen my ECs</p>

<p>My goals are:
- score at least 2100 on SAT
- score at least 32 on ACT
- make new friends at new high school
- become more confident and out-going
- survive at new school
- prove I can handle higher level classes
- be involved, school and community wise</p>

<p>Get high quality girls.</p>


<p>I'm not a junior until the next-next school year. But nonetheless, here are my goals:</p>

<li>Ace the SAT</li>
<li>Ace the PSAT</li>
<li>Earn A's or A+'s in all of my classes</li>
<li>Climb up in academic ranking</li>
<li>Become an All-State Lacrosse player</li>
<li>And what that guy said, get high quality girls</li>

-Get my GPA back up to where it was before this year.
-Have fun.</p>


<li>Earn A's in all classes but Math (eek)</li>
<li>Ace the PSAT</li>
<li>2200+ on SAT</li>
<li>32+ on ACT</li>
<li>Climb up the Rank Ladder</li>
<li>Make More Friends</li>
<li>Procrastinate Less, do work as soon as I get home, or close to it.</li>
<li>Get 5's on my 3 AP Tests</li>
<li>Make friends with teachers so I can get some good recommendation letters.</li>

<p>1) Get all my emotional issues straightened out
2) Ace the SATs (2200+ - although I'm being unrealistic)
3) Do well in AP Chemistry
4) Participate more in classes
5) Get As throughout the year and stay consistent
6) Volunteer more
7) Get 5s on the 4 APs
8) 750+ on the SAT IIs that I intend on taking
9) Procrastinate less and study more effectively
10) Do well on ACT
11) Don't kill myself
12) Do all of the above</p>

<p>1) Get all A's
2) +/- 2300 SAT
3) Meet more people
4) Run a mile under 5:00
5) Run a half mile under 2:12
4) Suck up to teachers for good recs</p>

<p>^^^^^^ Really? smh....</p>


<li>Kick ass and take names.</li>
<li>Utilize my anti-failure posters.</li>
<li>Take a vendetta in math and kick everyone's ass.</li>
<li>Retake both SAT and ACT. 2300 SAT, 36 ACT</li>
<li>Destroy my IB Classes</li>
<li>Straight A's</li>
<li>Dominate my college courses</li>
<li>Not become addicted to drugs</li>
<li>Find a gf</li>
<li>Not die.</li>

<p>My sister's for her (college) junior year:
Better grades.</p>

<p>survive without completely ruining my chances of getting into a good college!</p>

<p>1.) keep up the 4.0....actually if I ace my APs it will be like 4.02
2.) drop time in swimming because I am uber times are 20 seconds over avergae....that is a LIFETIME in swimming
3.) Get that liscence
4.) Lab internship in Chem departent at MSU
5.) Get a job perhaps
6.) NHS pres or something and NHS Cum Laude
7.) Finish Gold Award
8.) Be all EPIC on PSAT (NMS anyone?!?!?!), ACT, SAT, and SAT II
9.) Don't stress that in a few months next year I will be filling out MIT's EA app....(idk if this one will happen, stress is to be expected)</p>

<p>I had 4 goals for junior year:
1. Make varsity field hockey
2. Get a semifinalist-qualifying PSAT score
3. Get into all-state band
4. Make varsity lacrosse
And I achieved all of them. I didn't want to go overboard with goals.</p>

<p>Junior year sucked ***. The last marking period was so obscenely and unbelievably hard. I'm wishing you good luck, because you're going to need it.</p>

<li>Get a 5 in AP Chemistry</li>
<li>Get a 4.0 GPA throughout the year</li>
<li>Do well on the PSAT</li>
<li>Get a job</li>
<li>Break 18:30 in XC</li>
<li>Don't procrastinate</li>
<li>Go to prom</li>
<li>Go to homecoming</li>
<li>Make friends</li>
<li>Find something to do EVERY weekend. Last 2 years I was lonely.</li>

<p>Do well on ACT
Straight As
Do well on PSAT
Become more confident
Do well on SAT
Get a job
Get my license
Learn to dance</p>

<p>All of the mundane stuff like:
-Conquer the SAT, PSAT, subject SATs
-4.0 UW, 6.0 W GPA
-self study a few
-not wilt away from sheer stress
-get my license
-do well in my sports
-find great opportunities/internships/volunteering</p>

<p>But also...
-Break away from going down a path of obsessive, possibly-meaningless achievement that could make me a lot more miserable than happy. Translation= find my true calling</p>

<p>1.Bring gpa up to 4.0
2. Get 5 in Ap Art History
3.33+ Act
3.2000+ Sat
5.End my procrastination

<li>Maintain my 4.0</li>
<li>Get 3 more 800's on SAT II's</li>
<li>Score well enough on the PSAT to be a National Merit Scholar</li>
<li>EC goals</li>
<li>Be nice to my teachers so that I get good recs.</li>

<li>A in all my subjects, even economics where no one gets A</li>
<li>Prep for next year's APs</li>
<li>33+ ACT</li>
<li>2200+ SAT</li>
<li>Get to know my brother better</li>
<li>Do an internship</li>
<li>Learn to sing well</li>
<li>Get to know the guy I like more</li>