Your Good Buy Of The Day (Part 2)

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I was looking at bathroom scales on Kohls web site yesterday (because of a 30% email good only today) and double checking reviews on Amazon. One that I liked was $35 on sale before markdown at Kohls. Amazon had it for $14.99, so I quickly ordered it. Today it’s $23.99 on Amazon.

And today I spent $83 on Kohl’s (including the high Seattle sales tax) and saved $174 :wink: . Free ground shipping to son. Should arrive sometime in December.

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For those who enjoyed purchases from Natural Life for stocking stuffers , they have an extra 30% off clearance right now. Lots of the full bandeau buffs that we have been using lots at gone for work yet walks and can double as a mask outside .

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I always go to Target once they hit the 70% off and get a big haul of holiday items for the next year - lights, cards, wrapping paper, tags etc. This year there was hardly anything even during the 50% off days right after Christmas. I wonder if they ordered less or people bought more before the holiday to get in the spirit.

For those of you with an Instant Pot, Williams-Sonoma has the stainless steel inner pot (6 or 8 qt on sale for $19.98 (normally $60-70) for two days. It doesn’t appear to be available for shipping, but is available for pickup.

One year into the pandemic, I have found my perfect mask. Vera Bradley masks are so soft and have adjustable ears and a filter pocket. True the patterns are sometimes old lady- like so I have several plain masks and just one patterned one. I would say they are M/L or L. Also, it is easy to remove the VB logo. My teen likes them, too. One downside is that most of them have white on one side. The black one is black on both sides.

On sale today for $5!

Fitted Mask with Adjusters – Vera Bradley


Funny you say this - this is also one of my favorite fitting for my face masks. I got a few early in the pandemic when I had to stop at work one day (hospital setting) and I stopped in the gift shop to see if they had masks - figured that would be a safe place to actually
Go into! BUT I gave some away and this week I somehow have lost my fav one!

They wash nice (I hand wash)


Went to Target this past weekend to replenish laundry detergent. Was pleasantly surprised that with a $50 purchase of household cleaning products, there was a $15 Target gift card given at the register. Of course I could use three jugs of Woolite instead of the two I planned to buy! :slight_smile:


We need to revive some of these helpful old threads!

If you like Penney spices through today, Monday March 22 nearly all spices are 20% off. Free shipping after $32 I think. Code : SAFE for the 20% off

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Re: masks. I found the best selection and current prices at the Gap. The nice thing about their masks is that they have adjustable ear elastics so it’s easier to get a good fit. The first time I got them, they were $8 for a 3 pack. But there was a sale…of course. The second time…they were on sale for $5 for a 3 pack.

They have both the Olsen and pleated styles…and adult and kid’s sizes.

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Madison Reed hair color is on sale 50% off at Ulta today. (I don’t use it, but IIRC some others here do).

The antithesis of the outrageous thread! I don’t really need a beach bag, but couldn’t resist this bargain at Marshall’s. It’s theoretically full retail of $108; closeout cost $17. The same bag in another pattern was $28, but that’s because the zipper compartment inside the other one actually has a compartment. Mine has the zipper and about half an inch of space. Oops, factory error!