Your Impression of Neuroscience Programs near Washington D.C.

<p>I am applying to schools in the D.C. area and am curious about the impression of the neuroscience programs of some of the schools. Obviously Georgetown and Johns Hopkins are well known for their quality, but what about these schools? Does anyone have any feedback about the reputation of the schools or programs in general? </p>

<p>U Maryland College Park
U Maryland Baltimore County
U Maryland School of Medicine
George Mason</p>

<p>I know there are rankings and I've looked into those, but I'm wondering about people's general impression. For example, in Texas, I know of the general school's quality of their graduate and undergraduate programs just because of proximity. I'm looking for opinions.</p>

<p>Is there a specific, solid reason that you are only looking at NS programs in the DC area?</p>

<p>Because assuming you are applying to doctoral programs, you shouldn’t limit yourself to a geographical area unless you have a compelling reason (you have small children and a family you can’t move; you have a sick family member you are caring for, etc.) You should choose a program based on the best fit with research.</p>

<p>My daughter is a grad student in a neuroscience program, and the only one of the four she researched was UMD College Park. It didn’t match her interests, but, IIRC, she thought it sounded like a good program. The only drawback (and why she crossed it off her list) is that you have to get a sponsoring faculty member before you apply; this means that you’re locked in – or close to locked in – to specific research from the moment you start.</p>

<p>Yes I am locked into a specific location due to my fiancee’s career. I wish I didn’t have to limit myself, but it is in our best interest (financial and relational) to both compromise. </p>

<p>Thank you for the feedback Momwaitingfornew. That is definitely something to consider</p>