Your July Checklist: HS Juniors

Summer is a great time to get a head start on your college applications, whether it means creating your college list or writing your essays. Check these tips to stay on track.

1. Get application help

2. Create your college list

Essential Readings:

  1. How to Get the Most Out of Virtual College Tours
  2. Creating Your College List? Consult These Tips First
  3. 6 Ways Rising HS Seniors Can Prep for College This Summer

3. Boost your application with strong extracurriculars

Essential Readings:

  1. How Does a Student Do Standout Extracurriculars During a Pandemic?
  2. Get the Most out of Your Extracurriculars With 4 Key Tips
  3. Help … I have NO Extracurriculars for My Common App

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4. Craft your essays

Essential Readings:

  1. 5 Admission Officers Name Their Top Essay Tips
  2. 3 Tips for Writing College Essays in the Age of COVID-19
  3. Is Professional College Essay Help Permissible?
  4. Supplemental Essay Tips
  5. Essay Tips to Consider

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5. Secure strong recommendation letters

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  1. Should I Ask for Teacher Recs Even if I Think I Won’t Need Them?
  2. Acing the Counselor’s Recommendation
  3. I Don’t Have a Teacher to Request a Letter of Recommendation from
  4. Can a Recommendation from a Professor of the University You’re Applying to Help Boost Your Chances?
  5. Do Universities Allow You to Submit Letter of Recommendation from Elective Teachers?
  6. Who Should Write my Letters of Recommendation?

6. Prep for the ACT/SAT test

Essential Readings:

  1. Test-Optional Admissions Bring Holistic Reviews to Center Stage
  2. When Should You Send Test Scores to Test-Optional Colleges?
  3. This Student Scored a 19 on the ACT — Here’s Where She Got Accepted
  4. 5 Facts About Testing With Accommodations
  5. Directory of Schools Going Test Optional for 2020-2021

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7. Consider the best option to pay for college

Essential Readings:

  1. Options for HS Junior Who Was Told That College Would Be Unaffordable
  2. Video: What Are Some Tricks for Covering Costs in College?
  3. Which State Schools Do Not Charge an OOS Rate (and Will Also Give Merit Scholarships)?
  4. EFC Formula for 2020-21 Released
  5. The Psychological Effects of Loan Debt

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International students

Essential Readings:

  1. Tips for International Students Applying to US Colleges this Fall
  2. 6 Facts International Applicants Should Know About US Colleges

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