Your obsessions

<p>Is there something (besides cc!) you're so obsessed with, people wonder about it? Or is that just me. For some reason, everytime I visit a website, I look for the FAQs. I can't help but read them, even if I don't have any questions at all. I actively seek them out, and whenver I visit college websites, I read the FAQ, even if it's for tranfers or international students, when it doesn't apply to me. Anyone else have obsessions (or commitments shall we say)?</p>

<p>i have an obsession with pi, the number. Hence the name...</p>

<p>There was a point when I set out to memorize all the known numbers of pi, little did I know how many there were :)</p>

<p>i got to 500 and stopped</p>


<p>i'm a theatre techie...i think that explains enough. :p</p>

<p>I have to know the etymology of what you're saying or I seriously freak out like :eek:</p>

<p>I have to make sure doors are closed when I pass by a room. =/ I'm weird.</p>

<p>If I come across a word that I don't know, I MUST look it up. Smarterchild is my best friend for this online.</p>

<p>I used to be obsessed about the GS Warriors when I lived in CA. Yeah, go ahead and laugh!</p>

<p>Unlike most of these people on this board I party. My obsession is beer and more beer. Plus Browns, Indians and Cavs.</p>

<p>Yeah, well, most people on this board aren't 21, so it wouldn't be the smartest thing to note our obsession with beer now would it?</p>

<p>Most people who posted here are high schoolers, so it makes sense we wouldn't be huge beer drinkers. I'm also a huge brown, Cavs and Indians fan (+ buckeyes)</p>

<p>I have an obsession of art. Anything that deals with art or art history, I have to do it , see it, or eat it (that is if it is edible). I am also obsessed with anime or japanese animation and culture. I am learning Japanese on my own and plan to study there for college.</p>

<p>I think most people have an obsession with the Internet. I also have an obsession with certain tv shows, the most recent of which is degrassi, haha, i just discovered the channel it's on</p>

<p>I have an obession with the best show ever to grace television - West Wing!
Also ER, which follows behind in a close second. </p>

<p>Oh, and music (i'm a major audiophile), and anything medicine :)</p>

<p>I love footbag</p>

<p>I am also obsessed with SIMS2.
I read the BBS as much as I read CC. </p>


<p>I'm obsessed with blogstalking certain people whom I barely know in real life. </p>

<p>Side note: do you think college students are more likely to drink beer than high schoolers? I know that beer is definitely not the beverage of choice at any high school parties I've been to. Hard liquor is greatly favored.</p>

<p>I am obsessed with getting obsessed with things. To name some: message boarding, the whole objectivism theory, listening to music, college websites, Gilmore Girls, and googling people I know.</p>

<p>well I think high schoolers get their hands on whatever kind of alcohol they can, and chances are it isn't beer. However, at college acquiring alcohol is much easier, so it's not like you're sneaking around to find some wherever you can</p>

<p>In addition to the above, I also agree w/ myway about the first sentence and 3 obssessions on myway's list :)</p>

<p>Anything collegiate-related (like this website), my alma mater, dancing, this presidential election, traveling, celebrity sightings at NY parties, and watching trashy but addictive TV shows like "America's Next Top Model," "The Apprentice," and "The O.C."</p>