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<p>Hello folks,</p>

<p>I am applying for admission to the MSW programs both at San Jose State University and New York University. I am horrible at waiting on college admission notifications and get very anxious, so these forums are heaven sent. So that coupled with the CSULB School of Social Work denying me last fall, has made me loose all confidence in my competitiveness. </p>

<p>My educational goals are to earn my MSW in school social work and get my PPS credentials and work as a guidance counselor or pursue a clinical track and practice as a LCSW after gaining several years of experience I am going to pursue a doctoral degree in counseling psychology servicing families and adolescents in the deaf and hard of hearing community.</p>

<p>My stats are:</p>

<p>Undergraduate GPA: 2.7 ⇐ (I majored in Economics/ Administrative Studies)</p>

<p>GRE: No GRE scores, I am going to take them this winter. Neither programs require the GRE test.</p>

<p>Social Work related experience:</p>

<p>-I was employed at two after school programs servicing high-risk minority students for two years.</p>

<p>-I am currently employed as a behavioral instructor teaching children with autism, and deaf children with autism behavioral skills.</p>

<p>-I have been mentor in a mentor program that services high-risk Latino teenagers since May 2009.</p>

<p>-I am currently (since summer 2010) the youth Vice President at my religious institution, where I create and facilitate quarterly programs for high-risk youth ages zero-20 designed for educational, spiritual, and social advancement as well as recreational enjoyment.</p>


<p>-I know American Sign Language, I am not fluent, but I can communicate effectively. And I am currently furthering my education. I am currently trying to volunteer at the local deaf school, but they’re taking forever reviewing my app.</p>

<p>-I have good references (compliments of CSULB admission committee)</p>

<p>-I have strong writing skills (compliments of CSULB admission committee)</p>

<p>-Lastly, I am a 22-year-old Pan-African male.</p>

<p>What do you all think?</p>

<p>To be blunt, your GPA was probably the primary factor for why you didn't get in a MSW program last year. Graduate school require a 3.0 GPA (Check the admissions requirement online and in the handbook). But with a number of years of experience, graduate schools may forgive that sub-3.0 GPA.</p>

<p>Keep working for a while- most MSW students are older than you think and will have life experiences to bring with them to classes for sharing.</p>

<p>tip: if you give a hint in the title as to the subject matter of your post, you won't have so many people opening it that know nothing about MSW</p>

<p>Thank you, for your response. I should have listed that the required GPA for SJSU is 2.5 and there isn't one listed for NYU</p>

<p>Thank you BrownParent this is my first post, I tried to do tags but that didn't work out too well.</p>