Your opinion of Penn's campus

<p>Some immature member of CC has created the following thread to attempt to show that Penn has the ugliest campus in the Ivy League. The thread has clearly not worked for him. To show it more clearly, I would like to motivate you to post your thoughts on the Penn campus in the thread, while not giving a numerical ranking.</p>

<p>The thread is:</p>

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<p>The thread where you can follow the immature member's clear interest in damaging Penn is:</p>

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<p>(The user is JohnAdams12)</p>

<p>^ The thread to which you linked is in the Princeton forum. The same member also has started a similar thread--but more directly targeted at Penn--in the general College Search and Selection forum, which presumably gets wider exposure:</p>

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<p>I liked the individual buildings at Penn, such as the Quad and the Wharton Building. However, didnt like the campus overall - it didnt feel coherent, and some of the buildings were downright ugly</p>

<p>Id probably rate it a 5 or 6 out of 10 in terms of beauty, but mainly for the lack of cohesiveness in the campus.. it seemed like a whole bunch of random buildings that someone decided to label a university.</p>

<p>And, while JohnAdams posts may not have been the best representation of the campus (I read the other thread), do you really think calling him out on this is going to make anything better? I mean, its not like you were exactly the nicest in your epic defenses of Penns campus. Remember, these are all opinions, and sometimes they wont mesh with yours.. doesnt really require an all out call out on CC about it.</p>

Agreed, I like JohnAdam's posts for the most part (I think you both kinda were a little mean in the thread you just linked though, Rudess). I mean I don't think Penn is the ugliest campus in the ivy league. I visited HYPS and Wharton and thought Penn was nicer than Harvard and Yale. Others, obviously, will disagree.</p>

<p>...does it really matter so much what others think/rank it as? As long as you are happy with it, isn't that all that really matters?</p>

<p>45 Percenter, thanks! I meant to post both threads, but apparently I copypasted the same link!</p>

<p>thatguy100 and Rtgrove123, my intention is not really to call him out, but more to stop him from bashing Penn's campus. I suppose I agree I was mean.</p>

Id probably rate it a 5 or 6 out of 10 in terms of beauty, but mainly for the lack of cohesiveness in the campus.. it seemed like a whole bunch of random buildings that someone decided to label a university.


<p>Well that's literally what several of the buildings are ;)</p>

<p>Penn's campus is authentic, and tells a story, if you care to listen...and that story is more believable and more interesting than "and then oxford fell from the sky and landed in suburban new jersey!"</p>

<p>As much as Penn's campus "tells a story," it's aesthetic appeal in comaprison to others (Duke, Princeton, Yale, UCLA) did deter me. No matter how you slice it, Penn is still not the prettiest (except for a few buildings and Locust Walk). It is pretty, but in a different, subtle way. Especially for an urban school (Columbia fails here)</p>

<p>Really? I thought Columbia's urban campus was the best of the bunch. The excellent usage of space makes it seem bigger than it really is.</p>

<p>i dunno, when i go to columbia i am hit by the overwhelming lack of trees compared to penn (but i love butler library!) =(</p>

<p>@ilovebagels LMAO nice</p>

<p>"and then oxford fell from the sky and landed in suburban new jersey!"</p>

<p>and the one about the several buildings :P but you know what I mean, the buildings were not coherent, they seemed random with no real flow. Im sure Penn has an amazing story, but for me, its not worth the listen. I personally just found the campus to be ugly by my standards of what a University campus should be.. minus, of course, the Quad, that place was gorgeous.</p>

<p>columbia's campus sucks but penn's isn't that great either. outside of the "tree area" (around locust walk) it's just a bunch of buildings on the street. love the quad area though</p>

<p>^ Just for that, you're going back onto the waitlist. :p</p>

<p>I really like Penn's campus. I don't really mind that there's not a constant theme among all the buildings, the buildings in and of themselves are (mostly) pretty, and I'm fine with that.</p>

<p>lol 45 percenter, I was just trying to be objective</p>

<p>the size of the campus is great, and I can tell it will be very fun living there. just sometimes I can imagine it wouldn't be safe to walk around the streets at night. I prefer campuses that are "enclosed"</p>

<p>Personally, I don't know much about the other Ivy's campuses because I wasn't looking into schools outside my local area (which was why I TOTALLY like o.O when my interviewer asked me, "Why Penn instead of the other Ivy Leagues like Harvard and Princeton?" and I was like, " be honest, I don't know much about the other Ivy Leagues, but Penn stands out a lot to me and I would like to attend a school close to home." TT_TT).</p>

<p>BUT! After walking around Penn's campus (and getting lost because I was literally turning randomly left and right~, I really like Penn's campus (especially the Biomed pond!!) because it feels very scenic and every corner feels like a different kind of place. What I mean is, there are some parts of Penn's campus that feels very metropolitan, and then there are others that feel very suburban like, and then there are others that feel like a very professional place, and you see all sorts of people walking around from students to nurses in their scrubs to doctors in their white coats to business people in their suits! Plus, if you go inside, I heard one of the student lounges remind some students of Hogwarts! Hehe~ and some of the buildings remind me of Hogwarts a lot, too.. LOL.</p>

<p>Plus, the High Rises are quite gorgeous! Hmm... what else?
I just love walking around at Penn. :)</p>

<p>Literally, in my opinion, it's a city within a city. Awesome in and awesome out.</p>

<p>To Stupefy: Hmm... maybe it's just me, but I feel like Penn's campus is alright safety-wise at night considering how busy it still is at that time. Then again... that's my opinion from my occasional visits.</p>

<p>What do current Penn students and alumnis think?</p>

<p>jhua09, you're probably the first person I've heard say the high rises are "quite gorgeous" :P </p>

<p>As for safety, I've never really felt unsafe while walking around on campus, even late at night (e.g. midnight-2AM) because there's usually still people up and about, and there's lots of security guards constantly patrolling the area. That said, I imagine off campus can get sketchy late at night...(never really ventured that far out though, so I can't speak from experience)</p>

<p>Even though the high rises don't strike me either as the prettiest buildings, I'm happy that they're around. I would prefer living in an apartment-style dorm, so Harrison's Freshman Experience was my first housing choice.</p>

<p>Haha, no it's definitely nice having an apartment-style residence on campus. I live in Harrison myself (started off in FreshEx too; hope you have fun in it! Definitely do the Restaurant week stuff if they offer it in the fall), and it definitely is a lot more convenient for me to be able to stay on campus (I'm kinda too lazy to deal with moving off campus...having to buy furniture and all that stuff...:P)</p>