Your school mascot progression...

<p>Mighty Beavers>Chiefs>Bulldogs>Trojans</p>

<p>Funny how it comes around like that...</p>


<p>I would rather have my school be named after a rodent that chops wood with its teeth than a condom.</p>

<p>We are the dolphins.</p>

<p>Cornhuskers --> Lakers
Much improved, in my opinion.</p>

<p>Rebels at my old school (grades 9-10) and Owls now.</p>


<p>for over 30 years</p>

<p>I'm confused. Do you want like our elementary school, middle school, and high school mascots? Or how our high school over time has changed mascots?</p>

<p>I went Rebels --> Rocks.
My high school has never changed mascots, but we have changed names. We were Plymouth then Plymouth-Salem and now we're Salem. So now we're the Salem rocks and the Plymouth Wildcats. People think we're stupid for not being Plymouth Rocks, but it's a whole long funny story.</p>

<p>Manatees -> Cyclones -> Hurricanes</p>

<p>Knights -> Colonials -> Patriots -> Tartans.</p>

<p>I liked the progression from Colonials to Patriots from middle school to high school. My college's mascot being a plaid pattern was kinda lame, though. :(</p>

<p>ohhhh, I get it....</p>

<p>Eagles ---> Aztecs</p>



<p>(That's elementary-middle/(other middle school's teams)-high)</p>


<p>Go Vikings!</p>

<p>Our colors are brown and gold, which annoys some people, but I like how it stands out from the typical "red" high schools.</p>

<p>Ooooh, I get it. Sharks > Tigers.</p>

<p>Rams>Rams>Rams. ^_^</p>

<p>Dolphins --> Wolves --> Badger High School Badgers! </p>

<p>The administration had their thinking caps on when they came up with our mascot name.</p>

<p>sailboats (yes..sailboats), eagles, lions</p>


<p>Black and Gold are our colors...</p>

<p>Elementary School-Racoons
Middle School-Braves</p>

<p>bears --> bears --> rams (from when it was just a boys' school) and crimsons</p>

<p>yes, we have two mascots. yes, it's confusing.</p>