Your world...

<p>Is anyone else having a hard time with this prompt? Out of all other essays that I've written so far (including the ones for Intel STS) this one gives me by far the most trouble.</p>

<p>Are they looking for a direct answer, or more of a description of the world you come from with allusions to its influence on you? One last question: Are most people focusing on just one aspect of their world or trying to capture the entire essence of it?</p>

<p>I would imagine that the admissions people aren't looking for any specific answer, otherwise they would have asked a more specfic question. They are trying to find out who you are; ie "your world". Tell them in the best way you see fit. There is no wrong answer.</p>

<p>I talked about growing up in a church community and how their efforts to use their gifts and glorify God through their careers inspired me to do the same.</p>

<p>This is your "context" question. It's another way to find out who you are, so be sure to share that.</p>

<p>I wrote about how going to college changed the courses of my parents' lives and how much I value education and all the privileges we can now afford. I also talked about what truly makes people happy (i.e., not money) and a little bit about my personal philosophy.</p>

<p>Just help them learn who you are and how you think, as influenced by your environment :)</p>