You're reading this. You may as well just do it. I'll also be your friend. I have pie

<p>Colleges I'm applying to in order of preference:</p>

<p>US Air Force Academy
US Naval Academy
Purdue (for engineering)
Univ. of Michigan
Georgia Tech
Virginia Tech
U Maryland (College Park)

<p>ACT: 32 (34 English, 34 Math, 30 Reading, 29 Science) </p>

<p>SAT: 1410/2070 (680 CR, 730 M, 660 W) retook this though. expecting higher score, hopefully 2100+</p>

<p>But my gpa is REALLY low . only a 3.50 (3.75 weighted). But I've taken the hardest courses offered, and I'm extremely involved in extra curriculars (NHS, FBLA, DECA, SciOly, Sci Fair to name a few), and I have several awards (most in those EC's).</p>

<p>I lied about the pie. But I'll still be your friend :P</p>